Quote for Monday (a day late)….

“The next time you show up to take her money, next time bring a gun…that way you ¬†have a chance. Be a man…don’t be a fucking pimp.”

An elegant truth from the pen of Marty Scorcese, spoken by Robert DeNiro in Casino.

Is there a “Lester Diamond” in your life? These asshats “bring nothing to the table” -Erock (OnA)

Please stop spamming my Web site…

This site is a Journalistic and Editorial weblog. Do not contact me with requests to plug UNLESS you want me to write an honest review of your product.

We are willing to do adverts, but they are labeled accordingly and NOT FREE. Why?

a)this .com is not free

b)it is a violation of SPJ Ethical codes and we adhere strictly to them

So instead of spamming me, print it out, crumple it up and “hoop it.” you’ll have better chances of getting your garbage read by denizens of your local sewage system than you will of me giving out free plugs.


#donsterling pt1c – prelude to “Lofts”

Dear readers,

The Los Angeles Times printed a cover story today regarding Don’s brutal litigiousness…so “Lofts” will continue to remain a draft…I havent had time to read it, but the fact that he sues the shit out everyone he can factors in nearly with the racists-slumlord-douchebag theme…so I’ll finish the research and pt2 will hit the post ASAP.