XML test v7 – Override all PHP, CSS and .js | populate a WP page with custom XML. Success!

click here to view an outline in XML format. PHP 5 offers an @Override for all plugins and theme/css hard-wired to every WP install. It generates a blank pallete with a few simple commands (in PHP) that disable all my adds, stylesheets “background shit” that WP infrastructure. WP is great but if I cannot post a simple outline for instructional purposes, what good is it? Most plugins are incompatible with WP v4.2. This will come up as clickable link, I have yet to decipher a system to embedd pure XML into a post or page manually…if you click on this link you will see that code I wrote does just that…just not on THIS page. So I’m zeroin in on a solution to override all Javascript, PHP, CSS and whatver else is in the backbone of WP in order to display custom XML pages (and html, shtml….) w/o getting tied into the complexity of all my ads and style, media, calls to YT databases and other multimedia content that loads on the main page. Ideally this Copy Editing 101 tutorial should load in <1second. On avg. it take 6-9 second to load the main site.

The other goal is to post code or pictures of say…an educational outline by coding as opposed to taking a snapshot of the XML, saving it as a jpeg and posting it here as picture. That is functional workaround, but I don’t like it.

Fallout from the Cox Service Van Explosion Part One ….

front shot on fmr. crispins in am. clean and well lit.

In the confusion that ensued as WWIII went up and off all around me, A cop car barrelled through my rare, collectible, fast-as-f— Townie Electra. I love that bike, when that cop nailed it, sending it endover-end, things got pretty “heated” to say the least. In all their were miscommunications on both sides so although I went ahead and filed Case # 15-073858 against the OCSD and the careless officer…I don’t blame him.


I’ve chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt…it looks like some Turtle Wax and a little elbow grease will get the scratches out….it’s just a bummer cuz as of this time 24 hours ago, the Townie had ZERO SCRATCHES.

I also respect that man-to-man, he apologized and accepted responsibility…that’s all we really need to do when the s— goes down; keep your word, admit when you’re wrong and take some f—ing responsibility for your actions.

That…and a little integrity, perseverance, tradition and honor will see us through if and when WWIII really DOES break out. (Or some alternate Armageddon B-movie script event – Meteors, Nuclear Winter, California Sinking, Flesh-eating Zombies, Ebola Zaire, 1984, Brave New World, Bladerunner, Total Recall, AI…you get the idea).

Stay tuned for Fallout Part II…with a comment about the above topics in the video commentary.

Thanks for the crazy bump in traffic over the past few weeks. I can’t do it w/o you, dear reader. Much Love, Tap. []

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo News Archive Part 1a: ****READER ALERT****

Good evening readers. This is a special report. If you are looking for information about the history of Cal Poly, you have come to the right place. Ten years ago I graduated, packed up and abandoned my studio apartment in Mustang Village. I never came back. WHY?

There were a multitude of reasons to abandon the city at earliest opportunity, only one of which concerns me at present.

I really ought to be conducting research right now. Or editing the previous post. Instead I’m back. Writing more. Trying to figure out what happened….what happened? At Cal Poly? When I was there?

I told you a lot of things.

I told you that violence was inordinately prevalent.

I complained about source material that is no longer available, missing or altered. Whether I clearly stated or implied….I was soliciting. I AM SOLICITING —–FOR INFORMATION. I WANT TO KNOW



SEO Marketing Scams, WordPress Developer Scams and much more…

The more I soak my dumb face in the development of this site, the more I get into …pretty much every single aspect of it. I was just fine with having a nice place to keep an online journal…now it’s getting noticed. A bunch of plugins failed when they bumped to v4…was that two weeks ago? Anyway, I fixed the problems but for some reason, I wanted to see if I could make it look a little cooler. I’ve been customizing the theme I settled on, testing a few scripts, a few days ago I started using cascading style and TODAY, I dug up a book my uncle gave me on Web Design – “WEB DESIGN IN A NUTSHELL” by Jennifer Niederst. It’s about 560 pages and I read every damn word. That’s just the kinda guy I am …there’s so many possibilities different things I can do with this technology I’ve buried myself up to the neck in it for months and I only just realized Ive hardly scratched the surface of what all the creative energy and traffic and readers could lead to. I can feel a synergy building. This is the most exposure I’ve ever had. I graduated at the top of journalism class, Cal Poly’s own 2003-2004 Outstanding Senior Broadcaster. I’d quit the Mustang Daily in 02, the editors only published my sports coverage, features and restaurant reviews…I turned in hard news all the time, covering every thing I could get my hands on…the students had a lot of problems with the community, The university was overcrowded and they were not just failing the students on parking and class availability…we had several women who’d been raped an murdered, a VERY disproportionate amount, The police were abusive and the fraternities (it was considered uncool-“paying for friends” is what we called it) were using GHB to rape women. One of those houses kept a bottle of “Faderade” in the fridge, which was, I suppose kept readily available? In case you unexpectedly need to rape someone? Just a sip was enough to turn someone into a corpse for 12 hours. One morning…one of them boys got up all hungover and dehydrated. He pounded the whole bottle. His roomate found him a few hours later when he woke up.

Another toothpick.

I had a line on everything going on, I wrote stories about all of it. Those editors would never publish my good stuff though…so I spent the last 2 of my 6 years at 93.1 KCPR. They let me cover whatever I wanted to. They even made me the News Director. I was there when riots broke out at our big Mardi Gras blowout…hidin in a friends garage from the police who rolling with those things that look like tanks…on bullhorns telling everyone to get the fuck out. Then they tear gassed the whole block and when I tried to run back to my studio I got shot by a bean-bag gun. By then I was interning at the local Clear Channel Affiliate I produced morning news and call screened the afternoon talk show. For the scandals they never published in the Daily, KCPR and KVEC let it all out….every monday they wanted to know sort of shit I got myself mixed up in…they encouraged it. Cuz that’s what I do. Whatever sorts of shit is going on? I get ALLLLLLLL mixed up in it. Maybe that’s why I cab still write a decent clip. I been mixed up in every sort of shit you can think of….and I got a lot to say about it.

There arent too many jobs in SoCal, or anywhere for writer/reporters/commentators….now I got this WordPress thing goin on. I’m not backing away from this growing readership that’s priceless to me. I want more—so I’m giving YOU more.

  • elegant lean process improvement
  • cost-saving (cost-free) techniques to improve the design, look, feel and function of YOUR WordPress Web site
  • Exposing the SEO scams
  • WordPress Consulting fraud, Phishing, Spammer Militia carpet-bombings
  • even LinkedIn is saturated by WP attack scams

I got tools for user-friendly, cross-platform, browser independent Web design, Simple concepts to grow an audience organically, ease in both engineering and presentation of creative content.

it’s becoming exponentially more accessible while the cost plummets

What we have today- is a temporal disconnect between “Web Design” “attracting visitors,” “Technical problems,” and “too complicated,” “no way I could learn to build a Web site….” THIS is why emerging technologies and tools attract motivated, successful artists but sadly, with that comes the morally bankrupt. Beware of those who now offer “Expert Web Development” and other assistance YOU DON”T NEED.

This is how to sell snake-oil in 2014….feed the fear of society. MY WORDS are as powerful as ever. They offer a means to the truth. Soon we will break down the online treachery that pervades all corners of the Net. You will see how it’s done from the inside and Domains, Servers and soon Actual Names of people who identify an emergent technology with a potential to give untold freedom of expression to the greatest number; human progress in its purest form—and use it for poorly planned and frequently profitless ethically malicious ways to make a few bucks.

To those who would seek to destroy a technology that provides not just an outlet, but a loyal readership I respect and am inspired by loyalty to not only write, but dive head-first into design….as the 4th Estate it will be ME who puts exposes who you are, what you do and how you do it. I can’t stop you, but you can’t stop me. I watch the cops, the criminals, the normies, the freaks. I watch the blithering fool on the corner and the million dollar housewife on Lexapro. I watch the watchers. There is no group, class, business, subject, theory or subject I don’t keep my eye on. You’ve caught the attention of an investigator, software engineer, hustler with not a shred of fear left in him.
“SEO Optimization Consultants” and “WordPress Solution Providers”are on notice…I got a story WIP list a mile long but the more they attack, the higher up they get. I’m here to help others… using WP to help your small business? I can help you….but I’m not tryin to take your money…I mean hey, maybe the trend continues for me and I get noticed by the right person…maybe somebody out there with a big site, magazine, station, podcast, vlog, youtube….maybe the next time the publishing/broadcast business opens up the books…it could be ME that gets straightened out you never know.

Meantime I got a nice big audience to cater to and artistically that’s all I ever wanted. So thank you dear reader you know how I feel…ahhhh fuck it….you’re the reason I write, you motivate me I’m starting to get my life back. Since 2011 I been laid off, my best friend has a brain aneurysm in a church, right in front of the alter, my fiance’ succumbs to cancer and then POW! I black out, I’m losin’ my mind, I end up in jail…I get hit by a car. I don’t even believe this shit as I’m writing I swear it MUST HAVE happened to someone else. NO WAY I survived all of that.

I can walk again. I got all my teeth fixed, I lost a bunch of weight. I makin some money, All up in the club…I’m lookin all smooth…..”I’m Barack Obama. I’m the president. I’m hittin’ that ass!” credit to Leon Black helpin me take today’s post out out with a pop That’s right. Cuz I gets mine!!!!

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v1 is available….


As always, content, quality, enjoyment, value, function and compatibility all have a positive slope.

A KPI at this site is that time is directly proportional to artistic and technical development.

Spammers launch counter-offensive….

Mulitiply this sample by 50 and you MAY have an idea of what I’m dealing with…Going to try to write some code that can filter…I’m thinking  key words like “refrigerator, games, hacks, cheats, sex, porn, relationships” anything in Korean…uhhh key phrases like “on this topic” or “how to meet women”  Over-compliments are a red flag so “greatest” “superb” “best ever”…hmmm this is going to take some thinking, I wouldn’t want legit comments to filter out. *sigh* If you are having the same problem …leave a comment, I could use the help. The spam comes and goes. Today I’ve been sorting comments for three hours, still have 20 more…117 since last night, it’s almost as if the web traffic itself is trending…these asshats have a program that tracks trending weblogs…and thus spam it.  Anyway:

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