Writer Showcase – Josh Boruff

I was looking for the raw footage of the eight-year-girl taking part in social-IQ-vetting-Darwinism when I stumbled upon a hysterical writer..

Here is clip related to the news item if you haven’t seen it yet. Note that this is labeled as being “raw video” and “full” … it ISN’T and it DEFINITELY ISN’T.

Youtube auto-links to related videos if you want to see a news story for further info or if you would like to see that clip enhanced, zoomed or in slow-mo (if you do you’ll see the weapon point stage left, directly at the doomed moron, in the last ~tenth of a second).

Something Awful frequently used to post the more gruesome videos not found on YouTube or … as if YouTube is some bastion of good taste or something, but seriously there are other sites out there (I hate to say it and will not backlink to it, but World Star Hip-Hop is one of them…) that can give the good journalist insight into a developing story by posting pictures/video/audio that are unquestionably horrid, upsetting, gruesome et. al. …but as the Fourth Estate, it is my duty to look at things even MY READERS would find disturbing, the same way a cop or a medical examiner combs through a murder-suicide … I don’t want to see a guy take a NATO round in the head from a little girl…but if the video is available, I have a responsibility to watch it in order to process the the magnitude and gravity of an ongoing, developing news story that ALSO ties into ongoing, developing historical elements, such as The 2nd Amendment, teens and guns, kids and guns, The South and guns, gun-nuts and guns, conspiracy-theorists and guns, liberals and guns, school shootings and guns, media violence and guns,….guns guns, guns!!!!

Following an exhaustive 30 seconds of online research I found that whomever shot the video [on their iPhone] subsequently turned it over to the local sheriff, who, in-turn, released the video to the media with an edit[cut] point a moment before the weapon fired.

PERHAPS the full video will leak out at some point.

During this research I stumbled upon a comedy article that is the very definition of cringe humor. Josh Boruff is offensive, depraved, sick, nasty, funny as fuck and exactly the kind of writer that deserves a free plug and a GLOWING review on my site. Funny shit. Not for everybody. Love it. Enjoy.

SkyMall’s New Bark Deterring Collar.

You can visit his author page here.

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