Watching the skies and investigating terra firma….

Mars is visible to my North American neighbors between 4am and 6a in the western sky: Right ascension appx. 42 degrees.a pic of jupiter at dawn in the western sky.
Checked into rumor that “mysterious” homeless people were seen sleeping in 1 of 2 back alleys behind the fmr. Crispins Restaurant at the 5 fwy and Camino De Los Mares. Also that the guv-ment had bought it for sneak-n-peaks… I think the people are gone…but SOMEONE is using that building RIGHT NOW. The OCSD seized it in 2012…so…meh…see my shots and commment:

the allegedly occupied back alleys did not appear to be so. Dollars to donuts some form of shenanigans at the 5 and Camino De Los Mares….property became too clean, too fast and there are too many rumors. I’m on it, dear reader….
the back alley between former crispins and the 5. all quiet
other side of fmr crispins back alley all quiet and unoccupied.
front shot on fmr. crispins in am. clean and well lit.
Tapper would like to thank all the new and loyal readership from Russia. Tapper’s family left the Ukraine…his Grandfather’s Grandfather owned a grain mill that was the central hub of a small farmin community of about 130 people. Czar Nicholas II seized it under the “Jews can’t own businesses statue” that has been in place in antisemitic locations for 5,000 years.

Cheers Fellow Ukrainians! I take shot of Vodka for you. This site supports Russia and the people of the fmr. Soviet Union.

New Spam inductees

1. The so-called Astronomy club located in Torrance CA, webmaster who replied via email to my carefully worded, constructive comment was tossed back with – two sentences in which he contradicted himself and proved his intelligence is depressingly low.
“I’m not sure what you are asking” (I was asking if the club is in line with my interests)—-“I’m not sure the club is inline with your interests” Therefore ….he DID KNOW. This is a contradiction clear to a young child. His tone was extremely douchey too.

2. Dave Congalton – I wrote you a nice note and offered you an exclusive interview out of respect for KVEC, you answered ZERO of my questions and called one of my publishers a whack-job.
Dave – I forgot, your show sucks balls….I was your call-screener. Remember NOW? You have 20 callers, always the same 20 middle-aged meth smokers. Your ONLY goto joke was to hit the button on the Arnold quote “San Subeesio County.” It was funny the 1st 500 times. You bring nothing to the table punk.
Do you know whar a PUNK is?
You have my cell phone, call it and ask if you want stupid….maybe I can make your show interesting for you AGAIN.
Everytime I call-screened for you I brought over 1,000 extra listeners who were fans of my show on KCPR.
Check Arbitron I dare you. You’re worse than Erock, you bring LESS THAN nothing to the table.
Keep trashing Pismo Dave too…cuz you dipshits in SLO fall RIGHT INTO OUR HANDS everytime you do so. The SLO Sheriff FB rant againt him went straight up VIRAL. 250,000 people have read our special edition. So keep talking to 50 people in Atrashcadero and wait for CC to replace you with …who’s on the Network in drive-time….? Good Christ LEYKIS would be better and FAR CHEAPER than you. Hope you saved for retirement, else you can serve me my coffee next year, I leave like $1 tip everyday dude.

Sorry dear readers, this writer MUST VENT sometimes, dig? nu?

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