UFO in sky over Los Angeles….

Published on Mar 7, 2015 What else can I say? The Moon. Jupiter and weird UFO Shit. clip one: ….and clip two. Saturday Absurdity Coffee Addicts!!!! Sponsored Links follow my zany content. Plz support! ….y una mas advertismo …dispensa- unrelated; sounds great in C! -t

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Writer Showcase – Josh Boruff

I was looking for the raw footage of the eight-year-girl taking part in social-IQ-vetting-Darwinism when I stumbled upon a hysterical writer.. Here is clip related to the news item if you haven’t seen it yet. Note that this is labeled as being “raw video” and “full” … it ISN’T and Read more…

By Chris Welke, ago

Prepare yourself dear reader…

Why do you read my site? Why is your iPhone setup to push-notify whenever this site updates?…I know why. Most of you are highly educated, intelligent, open minded and appreciate quality artwork and you like my writing style. To that I am eternally grateful. I am very surprised and appreciative Read more…

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