Resolving spirituality with logic aka Religion AND Science (not vs.)….

Can we put it all together? Human beings are in a constant search from whence we came. Was it part of a natural system? Is there an infinite consciousness…i.e. God? Is God required for creation to occur? What is the nature of creation? Is it an infinite cycle of expansion and contraction – that is, NEVER CREATED…just IS? What about “as above, so below”? Are we Gods ourselves who control universes, knowingly or not …at the level of sub-atomic particles (???) …is the sum of our universe a sub-atomic particle in an incomprehensibly LARGER universe? Do these size scales iterate larger and smaller forever in BOTH directions?
These questions can be daunting; we still don’t know much about “The Beginning,” if there even was one…cultures fight and (of course) slaughter each other over who has the “right” answer.
So what to do? The Laws of Nature, particularly physics and extra-particularly Quantum Mechanics, break down at points of infinite density or at speeds approaching the speed of light. Laws of Nature do not actually break down; it’s just that we haven’t yet a scientific model that reconciles Newtonian Mechanics, General Relativity and The Quantum Theory.
Modern Physicists are in a search for what they call The GUT. Not that ever-widening flab you’re now looking down at fatso. This is the Grand Unified Theory (of EVERYTHING). This is, for those of you who did not study The Calculus, E=mc^2 on steroids spiked with phenycyclidine. It’s hypothetical, presumed to be elegant and simple, like a^2 +b^2 = c^2, or C=pie(D)….or “The Pie is a Lie.” and we MAY discover/prove it in our lifetime. Why not?
Currently we have four forces of nature: Gravity, Electromagnetism, The Strong Nuclear (holds protons and neutrons together) and the Weak Nuclear (holds a proton and an electron together…this “weak” force, when broken, is the first step in the chain reaction that creates an H-bomb…imagine the power of the Strong one…this involves nuclear fusion; beyond the scope of this article and my knowledge…it is also beyond the scope of human knowledge as well. We know it exists at the center of stars….as far as US creating a fusion reaction…..”mmmmuhIdonnnnknow???” Nerrrrrrr…….).
We also have 12 elementary particles, I don’t feel like looking them up right now, so I’ll embed an appropriate MelodySheep video:

To me, 12 and four are reducible…well, mathematically they are: 12 factors into six, four, three, two and one. Four factors into two and one. To me it makes more sense if the total elementary particles and forces were prime, That is….I’d create a universe with ONE force and at MOST three elementary particles. Who knows? Could my ideal “Prime Universe” turn out to be real when the GUT is definitively defined and proven by the scientific method? Methinks yes.
What about God and religion and spirituality and all that (usually) good stuff? Well, I am not the first to consider this, but if you look at the First Five Books of Moishe (Gentiles call it The Old Testament)….Genesis (not the band) resolves quite nicely with what is known about the physical universe. I’ll give you an example:

“God created the Earth in six days….then he kicked back for a day and had a beer.” Impossible, right? WRONG.

TIME is RELATIVE TO THE OBSERVER….this means that God, the observer in this case, created the world in six “God” days…which could be billions or trillions of human years, you don’t know. Why? You’re not GOD. You can remind your kids or spouse of that when you get home today…you know…‘case they dun fergot.
Genesis in-particular, resolves quite nicely with what’s known about the Big Bang…I’ll get into that more in another post. For now, consider the graphic I made. (featured at top)

  1. The universe starts with a point (created: one dimension)
  2. The point moves along the face of the water (created: two dimensions + time)
  3. YHWH creates land and water on the land (created: Three dimensions)
  4. YHWH creates plants and flowers that bear seed and fruit – (created: LIFE)

All of it…every word of it, dovetails nicely with our current physical model of the universe and how it (in it’s current iteration) BEGAN. Yeah….really…. it does!
This is why when asked “What do you believe?” My reply is,

“I don’t believe in anything; there are only things I know …and things I do not.”

This does not make me a nihilist, I assure you. I am a spiritual man …. I don’t BELIEVE in “God,” –call he/she/it whatever you want. I know for a FACT in my HEART that there is a power greater than myself that created me, you, this keyboard, cat pictures, Coen Bros. movies, sunsets, Beethoven, Jim Prime, Dean Westman, Phil Hendrie, Greg “Opie” Hughes, FutureCorps, The 1995 Madison Scouts, Clifford Brown, Curtis Fuller, Lee Morgan, John Coltrane, Maynard Ferguson, Gene Krupa, odd-meter, company-fronts, love at first sight, soul-mates, adaptation, deoxyribose-nucleic acid, eicosopenteanoic acid, docosohexeanoic acid, lysergic acid, Algebra, Geometry, Rate of Change, Potential Difference, Natural Numbers all the way up to Transcendental Numbers, WalMart, The Orange County Sheriff’s Department…even your a$$h0le boss! “God” is real; to me that is a logically concluded fact based on observed reality seen through my personal perspective. In my world, this requires neither faith nor belief. It just IS.

God Is. []

….Later we can get into Rene’ Descartes mathematical proof that God (YHWH, the ineffable name of God….pronounced “Yah-weigh”) exists. Really this prose is just filler for the graphic I spent WAY more time on. I hope you find it informative and ok-looking. Made using Apache Open Office Draw.

Yarrr….Impossible it be….

oo draw design by tapperNotes: The prisoner was arrested for serving stale shellfish, upon executing a search warrant, LAPD officers found him in his “office” (a broom closet) attempting to convert a MIDI file he found online into an arrangement for something he called a “Drum and bugle corps” (????) the prisoner’s identitiy is unknown but he bears a striking resemblance to actor Rip Torn, who passed away a few yrs ago. His voice also seemed to resemble that of Harry Shearer. The prisoner kept shouting that he “hated” the “Pirates of the Carribean” but the “the music was really cool” (???????). Submitted to LACDA pending positive ID. Booked into LAC Twin Towers facility – 1/27/15.

Here is a PDF of the an arrangement draft: He-s-a-Pirate
Check out the psycho who inspired a worse psycho to create this post.
The California Health & Safety Code.

damn…I totally realized how much I miss Rip Torn while writing this…. “Yar……I’m ….unattractive.lulz.

Now get back to work ….Tap.


“Thumbs Up,” F Tuning! score/.wav presented by Tapper, open source and The Left Coast….

May as well write an arrangement of “Thumbs Up,” and other West Coast favorites…whatevuz….the real issue was…can I transcribe and test a simple arrangement w/o handing >$500 over to Adobe? I still intend to publish a free method book (…what got me 86’d from trumpet_herald_dot_com forums…) my handwriting for music is awful…plus I can’t gather 5-7 people any ol’ time to test harmony.
Musescore is a pretty cool piece of open-source music-arrangement technology, not unlike what Audacity is to CoolEdit.
The graphic was made using Apache OpenOffice. Microsoft Office 369 or whatever? No thanks..I’m good. Sorry Adobe, I like your software but it is too expensive (InDesign is ~$3000) I’ll just develop my own it’s not rocket science.
I did “C Tuning” as well, but it doesnt crescendo or build or the way F does…ill upload both waves for your perusal. Enjoy or hate on it…there’s more to come at no cost courtesy,, (mt), Google, and
Tapper's arr. of F Tuning...likely by Jack Meehan originally.
here’s the wave file: test me…like the voicing?

‘C’ Tuning: Bb-Bb5-Bbtriad-Bbmin, EbM, FM, BbM(open)…rpts twice. this was my 1st stab at it…sorry not nearly as cool as “Thumbs Up”…still i wrote a 1st-2nd&3rd Earthworm-shooter part, a Fluegel/Mellophone (2 & 3pt harmony) 3 Barry Parts, Euph, and Tooooba wit a split in about 1 hr…I’m likin this. Note: now that we dont all read G-treble anymore, I find it more sensible to write the lead tbn/bar part in Tenor Clef: note I messed up and used Bass Clef for F Tuning…excessive on the ledger lines…may make sense to write 8va——-for about half the lead “tpt.” *ahem* SOPRANO parts for same reason. the double C is what, 6 lines up?
C Tuning for Bb Horns - Bb-Bb5-Bbtriad-Bbmin, EbM, FM, BbMopen. rpts 2x.– I just counted, the way I voiced C tuning you’d need 33 horns to hit all those notes. That’s what we started with at VK….[]

“Thumbs Up,” F Tuning! score/.wav presented by Tapper, open source and The Left Coast….

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Tapcast Prototype….

Tapper's new podcast logo prototype
Vector graphic created using Apache Open Office Draw

So WP auto-configs the RSS syndication…still more research to do regarding the PHP code …I’m holding off on adding the iTunes URL to the /rss.php file until I know what it DOES or if I’m missing anything or adding the wrong thing…one syntax error on your PHP scripts and it tears the whole f—ing site down (you must confirm the PHP will echo the correct XML file that can be crawled by iTunes’ particular feedreader. This will take some time to figure out, I’ll publish an appropriate how-to once it’s dialed in)…so for now…it’s 1995, hop in the Chevelle with me and let’s blast some rare 90’s tracks…just a test…future episodes will feature more original content…this is mainly music…very little of my stupid voice. If you were alive in the 90s…you’ll enjoy the punk, ska, brass and drum corps I threw together.
technical specs (all open source):
Runtime environment and Developer kit:
feed-rss2.php edit and testing in Netbeans v8.0.2 IDE (JRE 1.8 & JDK v8u25)
Sun Microsystems …uh….I mean “ORACLE”…. yeah….
Audacity v2.0
FFmpeg_win v2.2.2
Vector Graphics:
Apache OOv4.1.1 -app: Draw
Artists featured:
The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
The Toasters
Social Distortion

Social DIstortion
Drum Corps????? you’ll just have to give ‘er a listen to see which closer I picked to cap this cavalcade of music goodness. Oh! and happy New Year.

Tapcast Prototype….

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