Top 2 projects…

1. editorial for The California Register on Cal Poly SLO and the community that surrounds it….the cash they covet and ultimately the evil they condone.
it took 20years…but they SIMPLY could not hide forever.
2. Podcast hit another speedbump…thx to that really cool ex-gf who stole it…you uh…REALLY ok w/ stealing from a crippled, unemployed man you claimed to love? Who you made the 1st move on?…all an elaborate setup or too much shard? It’s OC so she gets the benefit of the doubt on my “YOU ARE A TWEAKER BITCH AND YOU TOOK MY $500 handheld recorder/mixer/player and prob. got 1 shot of smack didn’t you….was it worth it? A man’s 100s of hours of wk and hard cash…so u can suck a glss d— for 10 minutes? *ahem* forgive dear reader but this is one of those I-have two important steps for her:

  • 1. Get AIDs
  • 2. Die

(she even accused me of it coincidentally…I get blood-tested frequently due to bein 30 percent mechanical…id have faked a panic and said….oh…crap….rem when I did that thing…inside you…by accident? …..yeah, you might wanna get that checked out cuz my t-cell count would’ve made Arthur Ashe breathe a sigh of relief….oh me?
YEP-FBA Bitch!!! (Full-Blown-AIDs) to u non OnA Pests.—she had my wallet and $40 too. f— the 40 I wanted that DVR back. que sera sera ….whatever will get aids will get aids. Podcast to drop as soon as I replace the device OR get it back.

updates also to drop asap on these projects and other awfulness as we approach the Hhhhhh-h-hh–h-h-h—h–h–hHOLIDAYS!!!!!!!! Gagh! *couch* hack, belch [vomiting noises]…sorry just not fun w/o my special lady or my best friend. Not no more.

Spam samples…

Just a taste…they bolted for a few weeks and seemed to react the way I hoped when I called out random spammers and insulted them or wished AIDS on them…but 47 spammers today, most selling SEO’s.

This site does not need an SEO because as stated “quality will always sell itself.”

Once again you fucking retarded attention hoarding babies are fucking with my ability to post content for the 1850 people who actually read my work….anyway here is just a snippet of the work I do instead of writing interesting, informative and/or funny shit for you guys:

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and on…and on…and on… it takes time to sort this shit out, seriously.

These people “make me want to self-harm” –from In the Loop.

Note, about 2 or 3 of them were called out publicly today and trashed in the comments section…so plz remember some of the language used in the comments sxn is NSFW,

Fresh content coming soon. -ed


Upgraded Web tools for your favorite blog ….

So this POS weblog began as a gift from a generous family member and was designed and built using an iPod Touch 4th gen. (A gift so wonderfully bestowed by my loving mother to while away the bedridden hours in and out of the hospital on youtube and FB ….youtube for fun and FB to reduce the phone calls and well-placed-well-intentioned-but-also-overwhelming amount of calls I needed to field as so many fans, friends, colleagues and loved ones (rightly so…) reached fits of panic all 22x I went under the knife to repair my thrashed body (which pretty much works now..heheh). It was easier to put an update on blast: “Back from OR…not dead…cranked full of demerol and ativan…feelin nice, surgery was a success, often accompanied by a photo of my leg or arm next to that day’s LA Times as proof of life. Better than fielding 50 phone calls, to which had it continued, my surgeon would’ve ripped the phone out of the wall as stress–> HBP—>panic—>return to ICU—> surgery failure or even cardiac arrest or seizure. If you think Dr. Wilkins would allow friends or even family to even move my stress level up one iota with his experimental right leg on the line …then you don’t know how hardcore Dr. Dub is about his patients and his creations.

So the iPod was great and kept me sane for a long time … it just was no good for Web Design, or Web Editing, which I do over on a great site called

On this site I am pleased to have started as a Contributor, quickly promoted to Editor-at-Large and recently promoted again to Supervising Editor and am now the Resident Journalism Expert. A humble honor. I am far better at improving other people’s words than writing original ones of my own, so to my 1800 dear readers I thank you for hanging in there with me (see WIPs entry and feel free to rqst topics in the comments…I live to write for you, dear reader-no topic is off-limits and if there is something you wish to know more about, I’m happy to provide).

To provide better content for you and better service to, I bought a Chromebook and it worked until the charger and relay took a shit, to which [again…] blogs and repair shops alike said “$100-$200 to solder the relay and btw, it will take four weeks to fix”

Smelled bullshit and it was…the one true thing is that the Samsung Chromebook is built with a flimsy and weak adapter that slides into an equally fragile and tiny relay in order to derive current and charge the battery much in the way an impotent asian man would try to fuck his virgin and equivalently asian bride on their wedding night…not exactly a strong connection. What? You got a non-racist metaphor have at it….THEY BUILT THAT POS!

Ok so I fixed it once, but when it happened again I decided the following things will no longer hold back this Web site, or my Web editing or my ability to get online and do my thing:

1. Macintosh and their faggy updating OBS hustle to force/con/scam/arm-twist customers into upgrades (needed or perceived-as)

2. “Netbooks” that only run http….such a waste and so much you can’t do (or can but it’s made complicated by needing every damn procedure or function to happen w/in a Web browser).

Today (unbelievably) thx to the most scandalous vendor location of the most scandalous vendor site known to the Web : Craigslist Orange County (Where 60 percent of goods are stolen, 70 percent are methamphetamine abusers and 10-30 percent are OCSD tracking stolen property, setting up stings and busting people who jack everything from tools to bikes to tablets to (use your imagination for other crimes infesting this little meth-head corner of Craigslist…) I DID FIND, a local who is about to upgrade his laptop, doesn’t need the one I’m now posting on, it is NOT STOLEN and he gave me a VERY FAIR price. It’s an Acer Aspire, plenty of Ghz and RAM and Gigs…Windows 7, and everything I need to keep bring you the bullshit you love.

This sweet laptop could be collecting dust in some guy’s garage…instead it is helping me bring you all the best in writing, stories, idiocy, social criticism, research, news…and [likely] for it’s first time…it now gets to say things like “cunt” “nigger” or “AIDS” in public.

God Bless The 1st Amendment and God Bless Free Market Capitalism. Fag.

Much love to my favorite reader-you, -Tap.

Best improvised radio bit ever….

By Greg Hughes and Anthony Cumia, you can hear them live on Sirius/XM Radio Monday through Friday. Still no “hole” after all these years and still fighting for free speech – unparalleled in cringe humor. After Greg, Tony and the master Phil Hendrie retire there will be little quality-innovative, hardworking, honest, non-formulaic, non-plagiarized FUN radio left. A piece of artwork.
Please follow the above link to give ’em try. Catch the virus. Catch AIDS and die too!
Note: this Web site is run by a pest.

Best improvised radio bit ever….

00:00 /

Hashtag Don Sterling pt. 1b – “November 7th, 1991” …

…this was going to be a very special day for me – it was my twelfth birthday. Mom & Dad had arranged for a limosine to take me, my best friend Cam and Tony (may he rest in peace) to Balboa Island for a long night of Arcade Street Fighter and pizza…what more could a twelve yr old boy ask for?

On the bus ride home from school there were rumors that “something was wrong with Magic…he was like; sick or something.”

By the time I got home, Mom was glued to the TV…and the words that still ring in my ear are from the mouth of my all-time favorite athlete, “I tested HIV positive….I am retiring from the NBA.”

What did we know about HIV in 1991? What did a 12 yr old kid know? What did the drooling masses and media sharks know? That’s up for debate. I can only vouch for my reaction: [Chris-your favorite player’s career is over…he is dying and there is nothing YOU or ANYONE ELSE can do about it. Viruses; like the common cold are composed of self-replicating ribose-nucleic acid and scientists can only hope to treat it but cures are beyond present medical technology. HIV can “blossom” into something far worse known as Autoimmune Deficiency Disorder…which would lower Magic’s t-cell count and render his ability to fight sickness and infection moot – a sore throat could KILL HIM. HIV spreads via blood and/or semen…Magic probably got it from all the “serious ass” he gets] —- so I cried.

And cried. And cried.

Then the limo showed up with my buds…we went to Balboa. I whipped the hell out of them and everyone else using what’s known to gamers as cheese. By having Blanka use a jumping attack combined w/ a strong kick or overhead swipe….block or no block, by repeatedly tapping any punch button Blanka electrifies and once the opponent is trapped in the corner he can’t escape. I won every match and only spent a total of $0.50…the extra 25 cents to get back in the game after we had pizza….

….but it was a very somber night. All the cheese and limosines and Balboa Island’s in the world could not shake the “fact” that my hero was going to die – perhaps quite soon. I cried several more times that night and over subsequent weeks following.

Mom bought a very nice book that Magic Johnson wrote shortly after entitled “What You Can Do to Avoid AIDS,” Copyright 1992, Times Books. ISBN# 8129-2063-5. A photo of my 1st edition can be found here.

(sorry if this image and link doesn’t show or link properly…it took me two hours just to write the JavaScript to get Google Analytics up and running…I’m crash coursing myself on this and HTML and how to make it all jive with WP…for now the information supersedes my mediocre coding ability)

So….Don! Buddy! Thanks again for being “THAT GUY”!!!! Thx for reinforcing negative Jewish stereotypes…cuz we love that, bro! You fucking spineless heartless hypocritical douchebag….


MJ does NOT HAVE AIDS that is a LIE you fuck! 

DON! In what way is MJ a bad example for kids? His miraculous ability to fight, compete, survive…stay healthy? The $15 million he raised for HIV/AIDS education, prevention and research? The massive amounts of time and cash he donates to inner-city kids on a regular basis? The book he wrote just months after his announcement that helped me not only stop crying, but gave me the strength and knowledge to not only avoid AIDS despite my high risk behavior…but the courage to get tested regularly….INCLUDING LAST FRIDAY????

Before I really shoot my mouth off? I’ll end by quoting MJ once more…. “I will pray for him.”


stay tuned for pt 2 – “Lofts” coming soon and thx for your patronage and support. One Love -Tapper7