RUSH tribute band makes YouTube debut

Force Ten is a new project by legendary musician/soprano/trumpeter  Scott Steward. As a renowned soprano soloist in the 1993 and 1995 incarnations of the 11-time world champion Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps, not to mention his exploits on the mellowphone as a decibel, technique, range and improvisational master of the (sadly) now-defunct Magic Kingdom Corps, which was the official drum corps of Disneyland, along with the Trashcan Trio, these groups represented the cream of the crop in the world of brass and percussion.

In a daring move, the professional brass player and vocalist has devoted his skills to a tribute group quite possibly inimitable; the hyper-skilled, transcendently creative, three man “loudest band on earth” Known to all musicians, university graduates, rock enthusiasts and Canadians as RUSH.

This blogosite will always be a repository for music snobbery. So click the link and chill with Force Ten, The 6.5 minute music video goes great with a large adult beverage.

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