v0 – best of DCI 2016 ….

yeah, I was there, right up front, vip-style, on the 50, not that anyone bothered to say hi…anyway fuck you and here is a remastered sample of the fluegel (alto) solo in Canton’s world-championship program, along with some hornline bad-assery, including a soprano, err….I mean trumpet solo. Yes, it’s Wink-Man, who trills on a high B, pops uo to a double G (concert high F) then back down to a high D (concert high C), then winks at the camera and the crowd shits themelves. genius. Credit to the 120 performers who deserved to win and to my old teach’ @SCV – Dean Westman. Much Love, more to come. Visit DCI.org for complete recording. -T
*this audio will be re-worked-added-to-recut-redited all that good stuff im just trying a few new tricks in post and wanna hear how they sound in the field. dubG @ 1:07–wink @ 1:17.

v0 – best of DCI 2016 ….

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