Testing TapCast….. meager return attempt

Threw together some great music from around the Web featuring a favorite group of mine, The Concord Blue Devils. Featured are “F Tuning” from 96, the rock out section from the 95 show, including iconic hornline runs and double C’s for days from good ol’ Scott Steward. Also included is my 1st draft of “When a Man Loves a Woman” based on their 1992 closer. You also get my fav version of “Diamonds in the Sky” …. and as always, me talking into an awful onboard laptop mic. Took forever but f-it, we gotta get this site & cast off life support. There’s doins afoot, I assure you. PS if you are a “millenial” musician, F Tuning = Cmaj I IV V I and a double C is actually a concert high G. “Wubba lubba dub dub!”

Testing TapCast….. meager return attempt

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