Quickie cast pt 4 – Back to the Retardation ….

Tapper laments to Steve that the bits they’ve been working on all damn day got lost in the mix. Hawking and Tapper recount the 15 mins of b-roll they just recorded of Bill Feynman, whose sobriety, choice of accents and senility levels are called into question. The BTTF ‘trilogy’ is paid tribute to by debuting the midi of an arrangement by Tapper & Bill; the intro and cool fanfare parts are culled-out, as the middle and end aren’t written yet. The loss of great bits are again lamented as Tapper recounts the difficulties writing, voicing, editing and publishing a podcast immediately following win8.1 system failure. The two agree that the “Hulk Hogan did 9/11” bit should be redone, so they outtro with another 80s anthem, “I AM a (something) American,” by …who knows?

Quickie cast pt 4 – Back to the Retardation ….

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