Quickie Cast Part II

My arrangement of “Aerith’s Theme” is no longer available online. Musecorps limits free account to 5 arrangemnts so I pulled the one with tyhe least juice & placed it at the top of this episode. Like all the others it is a ¬†WIP. Then I wraps about DCI for a bit…. I layed down an apropros Battery bed to accompany about 4 mins of news & commentary plus an intro to a recently published arrangement of “Salvation” if you can “name that bed” or the “name that stinger I appended to the outtro…well you don’t win anything but it means you Confirmed for HIP.

As always, more ideas, new, editorial, artwork and music is on its way to the one, the ony, the LEGIT —-TapCast

Quickie Cast Part II

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