Another Tapcast life-support broadcast ….testes ‘1, 2…..3?’

We finally got a PC up & running; and I’ve been building soundboards; a la OnA and others that like to hit buttons during airtime. One day ill have them categorized by movie, movie-cat, tv, tv-era, tv-type, sad, funny, dramatic, inside jokes, some sound bytes will fall under 10 categories, nu? Since I can’t jack the ever-growing collection from Greg & Sex Bagel, I started on American Psycho, Audacity was reconfigured with FFmpeg, libmp3lame, iTunes and WordPress 4.7.4 oh and f-ing Java 8. Mine or Steve’s voice in next cast, Tap’s honor. Now, GFY loyal listeners. Crank it if [‘you like Phil Collins(?)’]

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