Podcast update and awful video dug up….

Here is one of a few idiotic videos I made when locals pointed out that an awful karaoke-singer billing himself as a “lounge-singer” was drawing literally TENS of senior citizens to Dana Point once a week. They demanded I goof on it. See if you can recognize my voice. The irreverent language is immistakable. It was created for an audience looking to laugh so plz forgive my xenophobia, age-ist leanings and language that indicated things I don’t like are “gay.” Note: Lots of things I like are gay.

So much for me ever working again.
Check the previous post for new info on media I’m developing in tribute to our fav TV dram-uh of all time here at the Pic'”The Leftovers” The writings & audio give a nod to writers Damon Lindeloff & Tom Perotta, directors including Mimi Leder, Composer Max Richter and of course our favorite character, “Patti” the leader of a despondently ugly, defeatist and heartless cult played by Ann Dowd.
Anyway I (don’t recommend this dear readers…) went digging through and for old online accounts and material. I found a photobucket account. All trash. I spent significant time deleting MySpace when it became apparent anyone could read the awful shit I posted there from age 22 to about 29. You’d think someone who studied compsci for four yrs would know better. I’m hoping to retrieve the 100+ pg (and widely read) blog from the Cal Poly Senior Years, to the Bay Area “gigging in-between house-painting and house party days” post-grad…to the “return to Orange County like a cancer-relapse days. If for nothing else than my own enjoyment, perhaps as a later heavily-edited historical archive. Or not. I created a Twitter account in 2009 because Dominique encouraged it, plus we were going to the Humans+ Seminar (re: transhumanism etc et al) Twitter was relatively new (was it 2008??) and the event organizers, the director of which is a friend …. said all conference news and comment would revolve around something amounting to Facebook but run by 145 character (correct?) messages and hashtags, like IRC. I think my GF and the H+ guy were my only followers until 2012 when I was paralyzed and tweeting about news, BS and things I heard on The Opie & Anthony Show and Phil Hendrie. Haven’t checked in a bit, but if lucky I have over 50 followers…..many dead!
I was a good MySpacer, 500+ “friends” not including Tom. Yet over half were “not real” that is; people I do not know IRL. I never got into Tumbler or Reddit so much (I do have a Reddit account). I got into MySpace because a friend told me wayyyy back in early 2000s, that “it was a free match.com” IT WAS back then. It had a terrible UI, but it was the 1st SN and it allowed Children of The 80s to hook up on a budget. No wonder. Eventually, a woman decided she legitimately liked me, so not only did I set upon obliterating my MySpace but was asked not to join FB, for obvious reasons. Hate to bring this up but as some of you know she departed this world in 2012, not unexpectedly. We both knew SM would be an integral part of life moving forawrd, so my FB was not created until after she passed. As stated, I never really started tweeting, plus infidelity (to my knowledge) is not a concern there. Two SM nets were deemd by us to be indispensable; Google and LinkedIn. I created a gmail account around 2010 to make sure I was not using a company email to send personal stuff. The marketing department at Metagenics came to us around that same time and said “everyone should create a LI page and add each other.” Bravo them. LI even demands that users do not add people they don’t know from work (or at least IRL). I’ve held to this policy on my FB– I have 250+ friends, ok not all real friends, but real people that really know me. Also I only tried to hook up through FB once and failed miserably.
Is there a point? Oh yeah. I can’t find my old hotmail account and I don’t have access to cwelke@calpoly.edu anymore….I wanted to dig through old messages for misguided reasons stated. chriswelke@metagenics.com is the other biggie,…
also defunct.
Gmail I still use. almost a decade of spam. Maybe 40 messages I wanted to read. All from people close to me.
Now before you make the same mistake I did, there are codez you write into the search bar in Gmail that will filterr out whatever you want to darken your doorstep with. I wont share them. Consider if yoyu will, being in a serious, partially or fully-live-in relationship with someone you love. What sort of things would you write into an EMAIL to someone you spend every waking moment with? Well I realized (after much sulking …) that 99.9999999 percent of communication with said sig other would be in person or on the phone. Maybe some texts…. anything said in an email is going to be at minimal impersonal, due to the nature of the medium. I was checking this email account a few times a week with the Operations Director in the adjacent cubicle — anyone emailing me, business or otherwise at that time knew that and worded messages as such. Also and MAINLY — couples email when they are at minimum pissed off, worried or even partially/temporarily separated.
I boundlessly waded through emails sent to me by the woman I love when she was furious at me AND not living nearby. The healthy piece of mental mindfulness I am led me to agree that the relationship was a sham, I am a sham, I don’t/didnt deserve to be happy, that I deserved to die alone, all that good shit.
The moral of this mess is — email is NOT a historical archive, you CAN leave certain things behind (perhaps ‘all of it’) Photobucket sucks, Learn what IRL means for FB and LI, MySpace was the “free match.com in 2003,” and if you have a video camera in the era before smart phones, take it to a cheesy dive bar in OC for senior citizens, trash them, upload it to Google Docs, then find it while crying about “things that shoulda been” on Gmail, THEN post it to your WordPress site in 2018. Leroy Jenkins ($1 to 4Chan & HBO’s ‘Barry’)

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