Hashtag fucking Donald Sterling part 1…

Wow. You ever seen a hashtag blow up so fast? I don’t know if you were jerking around the filthhole we so lovingly call twitter that night…if you weren’t….#donsterling was scrolling so fast on my iPod I couldn’t even read the tweets…it popped to the top of Google Trends like a teenager with some scante and the pswd to his Dad’s favorite wank site. On my end? I couldn’t even open the fucking APP. PERIOD….’round ’bout midnite.

Unlike most of you….on the uhhh….”internets” ….I was NOT jerking off that night, I was thinking.

Hard to believe.

Who the fuck is Don Sterling? The Clippers? LA? Something about hypocrisy? Racism? TMZ?

And then it hit me.

<<<Rewind: one decade>>>


AKA Crack Alley.

So WTF was a lace-curtain OC-raised and SLO-educated Jew-boy like me doin’ on possibly the most notorious stretch in the city (Not counting Florence and Normandy, whose McDonald’s parking lot I’ve wasted countless hours in…)? Well w/o defaming myself too badly…Let’s just say I’ve crossed paths with Ironman down there…more times than either of us would care to admit.

So I’m sitting on the corner…nodding. Nearby a crack-whore is blowing a dude…sharps litter the sidewalk…a few blacks are drunk and a fight breaks out across the street. Men and women from all walks of life are shooting dope and smoking crack. In broad daylight. It is high noon.

An LAPD black&white rolls by…sirens blaring….followed by an ambulance….we all heard the shots, but nobody even blinks (certainly not me). The fight just grows, hustlers, dopers, pimps, pushers, dealers, hoes, … even the rats just go about their business.

More rollers. Beat cops don’t have time to mess with dope and blow jobs when ALL of them are working Robbery/Homicide straight out of the academy. They even used to have a saying, “Just another dead nigger in the street.”

Good God! what does all this have to do with Donny, Tapper?

Wait for it.


Part Two coming soon: “Slumlord Millionaire”

spc thx 2: Cal Poly Journalism, Clear Channel, Don, Vince and the rest of my ppl…even the ones who shame us…Don and SELF included.

The universe tends towards…

Disorder. That’s a basic law of quantum mechanics.  It’s a drop of ink hitting a glass of water. It will always fall apart. Always in a different way.

This animation is shockingly insightful. It shows the abstraction between its title and that intelligence can reverse entropy… if only for an epoch, a millenia, a lifetime, a day, a night, a song, a beat or even a moment.

This one jerked a few tears out. If you haven’t seen this:




RUSH tribute band makes YouTube debut

Force Ten is a new project by legendary musician/soprano/trumpeter  Scott Steward. As a renowned soprano soloist in the 1993 and 1995 incarnations of the 11-time world champion Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps, not to mention his exploits on the mellowphone as a decibel, technique, range and improvisational master of the (sadly) now-defunct Magic Kingdom Corps, which was the official drum corps of Disneyland, along with the Trashcan Trio, these groups represented the cream of the crop in the world of brass and percussion.

In a daring move, the professional brass player and vocalist has devoted his skills to a tribute group quite possibly inimitable; the hyper-skilled, transcendently creative, three man “loudest band on earth” Known to all musicians, university graduates, rock enthusiasts and Canadians as RUSH.

This blogosite will always be a repository for music snobbery. So click the link and chill with Force Ten, The 6.5 minute music video goes great with a large adult beverage.

Mars clearly visible!

image So here’s what you need to do, go outside, look due south-east, and tilt your head up about 15 degrees. It’s big, it’s red and it’s CLOSE! It also ties in neatly with my upcoming feature on how to save the economy without bombing brown people. You check it out… ill write up a proposal to restore American Glory without lies, guns, bombs or constitutional rights removal… or communist threats to our bodily fluids. Now go! Check this s&!$ out!!!!