Mars clearly visible!

image┬áSo here’s what you need to do, go outside, look due south-east, and tilt your head up about 15 degrees. It’s big, it’s red and it’s CLOSE! It also ties in neatly with my upcoming feature on how to save the economy without bombing brown people. You check it out… ill write up a proposal to restore American Glory without lies, guns, bombs or constitutional rights removal… or communist threats to our bodily fluids. Now go! Check this s&!$ out!!!!


/*the following joke requires knowledge of programming languages, comic books and obscure movie references….it’s going to go downhill from here on out. So “kitchee coo you bastards!”*/
#include <iostream.h>
int main{
cout << “Hello World….this is the first and last time this domain will be able to communicate! Tapper is taking over! DONT TRUST HIS LIES” <<
return 0;