On legitimacy, responsibility and my attempt at both (fully revised)

What makes this Web page legitimate? Should you trust what you read on this site?

NO!!!! Don’t trust any blog site. In general there are common themes in  blogs that are yellow-flags(read but don’t trust), red-flags(main page offers the best product/service EVER at a LOW LOW price, and …blackhat blogs that will attempt to use scripting to take over your computer entirely. If it is a business website they will attempt to strip SSN, Bank routing numbers, credit card numbers, PINS and bleed you dry. There are poorly made attempts at this in the eastern world. There are people who can hack into your BANK (your bank is more more secure than any government agency)…they can still get in.

Don’t even bother…I have everything you need to know if you are seeking approval from Google Adsense, WHY I applied and a primer on responsible ad placement and usage from a professional journalists standpoint who is also brand new to “professional blogging” as opposed to my previous iterations of blogspot.com personal journals I that are still I keep only as archive material to be picked clean for your information and amusement at which time I will index them from the web myself.

There is a metric that gives you a little insight into legitimacy.
****Tapper7.com rates slightly above average with search engines…it’s how most of you found the site. (thank you for going to page 3, 4 ,5 to find me unless you were looking for “Tapper” or “Tapper7” in which case it will be easier to bookmark it in some way, just take a sharpie and draw it on the drywall.
It has been tested for quality of design and multi-platform functionality by the me obsessively and by several 3rd parties at the client, server and at the reader (user) level. I’m uclear on how to properly state that I’m approved by the Google Adsense program and what it means about me, the site and you. I will try though. I could locate only a handful of requirements offered upon application from the company – and all 3rd party info is shameful attempts to bypass and ruin a system that is certain to become even more exclusive than it was….I should have waited …but im glad I did not, it could easily go on 100% lockdown at anytime now.

If yours is legit—submit it now.

Most blogs are not accepted into this program. They are dedicated to illegal downloads, pirating, compromising online security…..etc. The name and descriptors/categories and other tags do not match the content. Many sites function only as spam-bots. They index every site possible to back link to themselves, appear to have tons of traffic increase their search engine rank and try to scam advertisers or sell a worthless site whose real value is 0 or less than 0. This led to the recent “has verified owner actively posted content for over 6 months?”-TEST.

Malicious sites from China and India are flagged for this, but the rule applies to all domains now.

      Here are some metrics Google used to audit this site:

    • Is documentation avail. proving author-ownership of the site?
    • Is there is easy to contact The Webmaster of Tapper7.com?
    • Is his name, address, email, age verifiable?
    • Does this site meet design standards?
    • Is the content and design w3c compliant?
    • Is the site growing? Does the site meet a minimum standard of audience size?
    • What is the ratio of new vistor/returning visitor?
    • how many pages do they visit?
    • how long do they stay?
    • Is it easy to navigate?
    • Is content structured by category? does content match these categories?
    • Is there a sub-index of tags for quick-access to other subjects in the posts?
    • Is it structured in abstraction layers making it easy to index?
    • Is a standard format used?
    • does the code he used indicate an working knowledge of communications via the Web?
    • Is the author’s really written by the stated author?

All of the above can be verified by a big-ass algorithm and processing power. In the spirit of being honest with my audience, I added a metatag to the site that IDs it as “Mature Content,” I deal with mature themes like violence, murder, rape, drugs, and I have a tendency to veer into jokes that are in poor taste, are offensive, contain racism or misogyny…everyone gets bashed EQUALLY. No one is safe from my jokes or my criticism. It’s all clearly labeled up front in my visible text and embedded so your browser can see it. Parents can set any browser to exclude my site because I tagged it as “Mature”—-Google will not approve “Adult” sites…by that they mean sites that publish pornography.. I didn’t look up any of these rules. I submitted my site for the highest level of validation available on the internet….it was approved by an extremely complex algorithm that everyone else claims to understand. I don’t understand it myself—-> but I can deduce most of what data it vacuums up, how it process the data and the parameters and probability of APPROVED vs. CHANGE & RESUBMIT. I don’t know how long it takes if you aren’t approved on the first try – I believe it is three months. (???) The probability of a random blog being approved is <1% or maybe zero. A completely legit site …probably better than mine in every way..will not violate the written rules, but nobody has the real algorithm – if they did it would be OBS w/in a week

Ethically I have a duty to tell you that I’ve enabled Google to post advertisements on this page and others. I clearly label every section that I allocated ad space to per SPJ code of ethics. ads are allegedly targeted to the demographics of what I post and who reads it. Most readers are educated, lower-middle to upper class, open-minded, interested in technology, always learning, tolerant and intelligent….w/o those qualities you wouldn’t “get” this site. 3rd parties I’ve allowed to post ads are carefully screened by Google…are they as legitimate? SHIT – BEATS ME! They are safe though. to be on my site…some of the pages load a tad slower, ill be ill be working on that to improve the experience for everyone associated with Taaper7.com.

In addition to class, readers predominately reside in LA/OC, the Bay Area, Chicago and New York. Without specifying company names-  I noted a specific brand of a major American car company, a high-technology certification program located where many of you live, a brand new high-end-mobile phone, an expensdive men’s clothing line, a post-graduate software engineering certification, a master’s degree Accounting program and an MBA program.  It confirms what I had always assumed was true of MOST readers. My target demographic.

When I was interning at Clear Channel the most important rating system was Arbitron. (Like Nielsen ratings, but for radio). People volunteer to have their radio tapped into so Arbitron can generate a SAMPLE of the audience. Ratings always measure the same thing though:

      • Session lenght
      • New listeners
      • Returning/regular listeners
      • listener frequency
      • listener activity during “morning drive” and “rush hour” (primetime for Nielsen)
      • trends over time against the station itself and it’s competitors in the same market
      • which station had the most listener today?

Since Arbitron has real people signed up (and they get paid a small amount), they provide demographic information. Age? Sex? Location? a/s/l….nerrr….. (Language really, in some radio markets Spanish weighs a lot more than English in terms of value), Race? Income? They really don’t need much info: The most valuable demographics in the US and Canada, are always the same:

***Take a deep breath*******

I’m going to be absurdly honest again.
Are you male?
Are you white?
Are you in-between 18-49 yrs of age?
*****Did you answer yes to all three?****

Arbitron’s pays a huge premium to your favorite stations(s)



Let’s look at reality and make no attempt at to ignore facts:
Men make more money than women do. -STILL
White people make more money than any other race. -STILL
White men in-between 18 and 49 yrs are most likely to have expendable income and spend it on premium goods and services in the US & Canada. -That’s all an advertiser cares about. It exists outside of political correctness it’s hard-wired into the bottom line.

That’s what Arbitron DOES. They research where the money comes from and where it’s most likely to go. The research shows that it comes from and goes to the same group. This applies to blogs now…I’m surprised no “Website traffic optimization specialists” bothered to research how TV and Radio is audited by ratings services so business can measure things like ROI at station A more effectively. Like Nielsen and Arbitron, Google provides ratings, except they don’t just have a sample….they have the entire picture-more than I know, more than anyone knows. Not even former employees. Don’t listen to anyone claiming to know how their systems work. Huge red flag—–>scam.

Regardless of race/color/sex, you are all welcome here. I’ts a bummer that ratings finds little or no financial value in media choices outside the target, because they have evidence indicating prob. can’t buy any of the products. The most valuable blog would have a specific purpose…like “To invest wisely” It would be written by someone who was famous for being good at it. The wealthiest companies (BANKS) would bid like sharks. Some would buy-in to an exclusive deal so their brokerage firm ONLY places ads on that site…so many bloggers are pretending to be an “insider” on Wall Street. Or that they are already rich so the $10,000 they make every month in adverts is a “nice cushion” How come when I read an article it looks like it was written by 1st grader? Cause it’s bullshit! Then you can read all about how “many money is any month I get $2,000 when month bad – month good I buy american vehicle or new wife” Then my browser gets filled up with so much javascript it crashes. Or I go to the main page and everything looks legit and interesting too…so I click on a story. the OS throws an exception -closes the browser. Shameful.

There are a ton-of “Mommy blogs” they get paid to review products for women and children…some are honest, dependable and will trash a product they don’t like to protect there credibility. I have a ton of respect for that. I read a case study about a mom-blog, written by one woman. Maybe she has a staff, maybe not, the design and content is outstanding..she has thousands of followers on her site, FB, twitter etc…when she gives a positive review sometimes the product is purchased through HER SITE. She has developed an audience over the years and they clearly trust her. It’s impossible to determine who reads it…but being gender-specific and intended for stay-at-home moms knocks her value down to advertisers down badly. 150,000 unique visitors each month. Her site is elegantly designed, she is honest, there are no pop-ups an you can browse her site-easily! She offers what she says she offers. Product reviews for stay at home mothers. Sounds like a money maker right? Wrong. It’s a bummer for her because she IS TRYING to make money, had I no interest in the subject matter I would have read more if I did. I wrote to her praising her design, honesty and creativity and my respect for using technology to support her kids – it doesn’t add up to much though. She should get a dollar for every session, $10 for a click, $100 for a purchase. She gets zero for session, 5 cents for a click on a sponsored link and she gets a small commission if a product is purchased through her direct reference…she does ok, it’s makes $ than you think (I’ll be putting together a shortlist of Blogs that deserve more credit soon – hers really is outstanding if you fit into her target, the blog is perfect for you, she is interesting and funny too!)

As for these scuzzy “get-rich-quick,” scamathons and spammerfests – particularly from India and China…. n/a! Not applicable. Irrelevant.

diligence: Is it expensive to advertise on Google? …yeah.  Do they gather massive info about me, this page and my readership….yes but they will do that whether I post ads or not. Will I make any money? ….maybe.

Key Point – I DON”T WANT YOUR MONEY. If you got this far, you are a real reader and the reason I write. Your patronage is more than sufficient.

Another Key Point–  advertising is carefully labeled and adspace is carefully allocated to not mess with your experience with on my site. Ads approved on my page are subject to removal – by ME. I’ve enabled he most distiguished marketer in the world and placed and labeled the space for them to use carefully that supercedes their guideines…they want me to place more ads in more places. I’m going to drop the header ad below-the-fold (as soon as I figure out what to replace it with …currently it is an ad for a popular search engine. (take a wild guess)

There is still no filter on my words or anyone else’s. Not on this site. Perhaps myself or someone I approve will blow up the spot.  I’ve been stretching the limits of the First Amendment since day one….if Google had a problem with any of my words, some offensive and used frequently, their crawlers would have detected it during the multiple times I’ve requested audits from them for code validation and the much higher level-order of validating every word you see and every piece of code you don’t. After approval (it took about 36 hours) I sought the best way to integrate some ads to add value to the site without disruption to your experience while reading.

most of the blogs and forums I found contained complaints and questions regarding approval. Not much info on what to do with it once you have it. I’ve defaulted to my training, education and experience so far.

I reviewed blogs that are stated to be “continually rejected” myself (I do not recommend this : it’s not safe- backup your OS and your data should you decide to “test” them like I do…Also: I don’t want  to describe what I saw…so!

Instead, here is what you will not find on those blogs:
1. Responsible, creative, informative, structured or engaging content
2. Honesty.
3. Compatibility.
4. Compliance with US law.
5. A code of ethics.
6. A library of stories, facts, research, anecdotes, humor and commentary cataloged & indexed.
7. Security when you connect. Security as long as you stay.
8. transparency —>publisher name and a form available to contact him.
9. Pages that are running > 99.999% of the time
10. Pages that are NOT a scam.

This site has been organically optimized.…this is a completely different concept than SEO. Tapper7.com implicit in the self-publisher, while written to be enjoyed and informative to everyone, naturally attract readers w/in a a known valuable target demographic. I write the same way I would rant to a random guy seated next to me at a bar. Let’s test the target demographic: I’ll authorize an advertisement below and we will test what Google knows about me, you, this site and it’s content to create the ad.

*****Update : Recently I edited this page and the ad posted mentions a certification program that seems irrelevant (first one I’ve noticed). Maybe it isn’t.? It’s an honest way to make a living. There is supposed to be a way to block particular categories.or specific advertisers. I won’t say what it was due it wouldn’t be fair…I see nothing wrong with the ad…I just don’t think YOU would find it interesting. Not that my blog has a “specific focus” If you read other posts you can tell I have no specific audience in mind….so The Machine did it for me recently- Musicians, Music Fans, Technophiles, Software professionals. Lawyers and Legal-enthusiasts, Movie enthusiasts and recently “TV-Show fans” (…)  The ad (which may still be visible to you, doesn’t apply to my known readership or what is reported. I’m going to try to ban this particular trade-school category (if it exists) If you deduced who it was plz don’t take it as a knock against a private school I know nothing about, just that it appears n/a

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