OCSD Mounted Cavalryman drew down on homeless couple’s dog at Doheny Blues Festival

***Plz note: I neither own (in hard copy or electronic) any photographs…this is an eyewitness account… reasons why I did not take a picture can be found on the ACLU Web Site.

Saturday’s pre-festivities included what you might expect: heavy law enforcement coverage and tailgating. A large, but low profile and cautious group had gathered near the boat-gas station/liquor store. A few homeless people found shade around the periphery of that parking lot.

I mention them because a peaceful couple and their black and grey (mastiff?) made the “terrible mistake” of allowing the old boy off leash.

As expected, four mounted cavalry came down the road to observe the tailgating (but to their credit, each time they checked they were in fact just keeping the peace…no tickets were given or arrests made).

HOWEVER, the off-leash dog approached a horse, (likely to smell it) which made the horse take a step back.

The anonymous officer drew what at first appeared to be non-lethal taser of some form, but on closer inspection was a Glock 9mm…an extra thin one designed for “peace officers” I believe the model number could be 21.

A group of around 50 tailgaters who were much closer than me began to yell angrily at the Cavalry.

In addition to the usual “fuck the cops” type comments. The most rational heckler said, “Are you really going to shoot a dog in front of 100 witnesses?”

The officer holstered his sidearm…they had a quick meeting, returned and apologized to the couple and the tailgaters who were FURIOUS.

Bravo to the civilians who kept their protests to words and KEPT THE PEACE. And to whoever gave/accepted the order to holster the 9mm.

Still – to the Green Team – seriously….Fuck you guys that was some SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP SHIT.

That is all for now…Don Sterling pt2 – “Lofts” is coming.

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