MaryJane Rust, Rest in peace, my friend…

ANOTHER closeclosecloseclosecloseclose friend and confidante has passed on from this world….*sigh* this is the worst part about getting older…it happens with increasing frequency. BUST. Rest in peace EmJay….-christopher
More on who she was in LIFE to come, for now, my goodbye and pic that showed you at your lovely, smart and elegant best.
As far as being “down for the cause” goes…you may have been my #1 partner. You never lied to me, tried to scam me or take anything away…all you ever did was ADD. Happiness and joy to this little life of mine. Thx for being there for me after I lost Dominique and Rich. Thx for understanding. Now I guess I’ll have to find someone to be there for me…for the loss of YOU!
….or maybe I’m so old I need to start doing it on my own. Srsly,a bummer man. Los Angeles will miss you. We won’t forget you. Promise. []

2 Replies to “MaryJane Rust, Rest in peace, my friend…”

  1. Never thought I would see this. I miss you and the tines we shared together. RIP My beautiful redheaded friend.

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