Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Tapper….a winning combo….

So I haven’t posted SHIT worth watching in over two years…you kinda need a computer that can record sound a video, edit, compress, export, publish etc. et al.

I remixed an old track I found on a SUPER-RARE album: Paul Cacia – Portrait. Cacia is a generation ahead of me….I was in his band in 97-98…this is one of my favorite arrangements we played, but I could do w/o the ballad, so I mixed a track about a month ago in Audacity.

Then my recording device got jacked by some —-. current laptop is still going thru the process of taking a VERY LONG SHIT will end badly…the Acer Aspire 2009 model has a fucked registry, self-replicating adware…and hardware (circuit) decay.

Now I can spend my time CREATING and DESIGNING, not fixing and patching and restoring….fuck THAT noise …I got podcast to start and stories to write.

For fun I used some new tools to make a lil VCAST… just me, f-ing with iTunes, Audacity, a laptop, Cyberlink, a pair of sticks, a webcam and some basic tools to cut something worth checking out on YouTube….this is a 1st try with about 4 pieces of hardware, 6 pieces of software and improving with my dumb face and voice…ill tell u what…if you like to listen to rare jazz with screamin brass that fucking rocks….you’ll enjoy the vid.

This first one is on behalf of the Woodpile with respect to the Northsiders, SouthSiders, Border Boys y La Raza…Dispensa la Tierra…Tapper’s Firme Musica.

A frame featuring Tapper from his new vcast s1e0
Another frame from the dumb video I made

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