custom GS test

A custom WebCrawler jQuery that leeches undesirables from the search return and pumps up the metadata/interests that brought you here…many updates and improvements to come.
I parsed it down …anyone can search, but only URLS registered in The United States will be listed. I activated safe-search….which i guess makes it safer?
alongside the customized GSR there will be adverts…as always.
Ever since the C++STL, programmers stopped reinventing the wheel and kicked OOD into overdrive. This is a perfect ex. Why should I build my own webcrawler when I can simply customize an established one?

Custom Search

The results should display in an iFrame on this page

Did it work? if the power goes out or your cpu melts…let me know.

so far the search wks the return truncated: testing a simple custom text ad below:

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