Craigslist snapshot: men seeking women headlines in Orange County…lulz/roflcopter

Have you ever heard women say that men are dumb?

True or not…a cursory glance of classified ads posted TODAY and selected randomly do not do much for our credibility as “intelligent” (perhaps the blood drained out of their heads when they posted).

Note: links not posted out of courtesy, headlines are posted to the public domain and are protected under fair use…I mention this cuz I will post the head and then trash it for being idiotic.

1. Married for Married; seeking love outside of marriage [what? you wrote the same thing 3x, the subject makes zero sense grammatically]

2. Free Car Free Car OC […]

3. Looking for sencure woman [awww…. he means SECURE! I almost feel sorry but no sorry you are a fucking ‘tard]

4. Do you need help with bills? I need friends w/ benefits [I guess this isn’t dumb but isn’t that the exact same thing as “I will pay $ if you fuck me”?]

5. Handsome and hung for busty cougar [if you were and you were, you would not LEAD w/ that…I’m sure the “cougars” will line up for you bro!]

6. Want a casual time w/ someone also paranoid about CL? [so you either have the clap or you want someone who also does…or you want to wrap yourself in reynolds wrap before you round 3rd base. Fucking creepy and cryptic headline dude!]

7. Looking for stretch marks on BBW or prego [not dumb but informative. this is a thing. learn everyday, I guess, wtf?]

8. 420 friendly for 420 friendly [circular logic – [If I’m 420 friendly…in what universe would I not allow my partner to be? Better toke something else dingbat!]]

9.  My favorite: I have a lot of booze and 420 [are you impressed? he has Bud Light and Schwag! Sounds like a big money hustler to me!!!!]

I’m embarrassed for my gender.


7 Replies to “Craigslist snapshot: men seeking women headlines in Orange County…lulz/roflcopter”

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    1. thanks I could use some tips…I figured out how to get Google Analytics up an running, it was just a few lines of javascript. I’m a writer/editor NOT a graphic artist or much of a programmer. any help appreciated I will return the favor! I have a new .com coming out soon but I have professional web designers building it. This site is very skeletal and not ready to go live yet (cuz it’s me doing everything, obviously. still testing and experimenting a LOT).
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    2. Lauren, thank you for the notice. Google SEO work is controlled by me and working better than may think. Help isn’t needed. I almost spammed this comment out but it feels like your intentions are in the right place.

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  3. can u plz build me a humming bj with your fucking spam? FUCK your SEO. I ask you dickbags to stop spamming but you want to fuck around? Here is how I do SEO (a fucking retarded buzzword)…I write brutally honest and intelligent articles for educated readers who like to learn and laugh. Quality, truth and hard work sells itself so I hope your SEO gives you Africa-grade AIDS or at least pinkeye.

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