fb compatibility test….

a picture of paris at dawn or dusk with the words hashtag pray for paris inscribed over the skyline and signed by chris welke

as we cycle through the changes to style and funtion; dear reader; I wanted to share with you an editorial I piced together in the immediate aftermath of the tragedies in Paris. I snapped 15-odd shots from around social media to show how quickly/disturbingly hateful invective against Muslims was growing. At the moment I put this commentary together and shared it on fb; HATE itself was going viral. My intent was alert my “real-life” friends…ask them to keep an opn mind that they not fall prey to the fear-mongering, hate-mongering, monger-mongering…u get the idea. as much as “dislike” (note — didn’t take bait to be hypocrite and say I “hate” fb; even though technically I do and technically that’s ok w/ this writer morally because fb is a corporate-adevertising-agency-subdivision-og-google-and-not-a-person;….there ok to hate fb) Facebook, I like the way they package prose that has a great deal of pics to illustrate it.

What i’m getting at is…as long as we are “under-construction” I will audit my privacy level on fb, so how well MY fb page can communicate to you VIA The SoCal Picayune…and as always, give the “handshake” between my fb & my wp a check-up.

<h2>wp post: fb–we’re going start with the usual checkup, just cough while I put my finger here…

your browser: *coughs* link to post that may or may not be public–coughing from

“fb Chris Welke #9” aka /facebook.com/chris.welke.9/* TEST!

Coughing TO: you@your_ip using your device, os & browser.

prediction – you will not be able to read (10/18) due to privacy setting on fb

WIP – find a way to embed or mimck a fb “story” of this nature in WP & || customize privacy setting to make stories initially written in fb jive with the site, so there is no rework when creative energy strikes, news breaks, or both</h2>

Ok my browser says you are using an older-model desktop PC, so go back to work dummy! This site is #nsfw, labeled “mature” in the meta-data and contains graphic depictions of truth; reality and (God forgive me) the above FB post; once you are able to read it; is political in nature. You’v beean warned 😉 –ed []

below is a test of another “mobile-freindly” multi-media-enabled advert, this once

Under construction alert ….


Anonymous Reader, thank you for the bug report. It seems my .post style (the WordPress “text/css”) style— or the PHP… has an issue drawing content frames as of 10/18/15--column 1 is truncating on side two. If you are not one of my fellow code-geeks; plz ignore the geek-speak and just take note of the following:


style.css & functions.php (& etc.php …er…etc…uh … are going to have the hood removed again; but I assure you the site is as secure, functional and jam-packed with original content as it ever was.
The Art Producer/Director of Self-Similarity Studios, Chris “Tapper” Welke; wants you to know that

“….the car still runs but the she may look like s#it while we are
under construction”>

Lonely Faction Production and SSStudios retain a policy, if you were not aware-
(From our SOP’s ref# ch.2_sub_sxn_5_article19_volume_7)–

Tapper7.com aka The SoCal Picayune remains open during construction. No exceptions.

typesetting, fonts, pictures, background colors, colors in general, text-boxes, titles, widths & heights…they are all subject to change and may in some cases. look “bad.” or “weird.”
if I learn anything new while I publicly make changes (no worries about the content itself– the site is backed-up frequently) I will report any tips, tricks, how-to’s & hacks ‘should any present themselves,’ we find a gem or just find dumb luck

    Bottom line

Tapper7.com and all associated sub-categories of this site are subject to looking weird, then bad, then worse, then bad again, then ok, then sorta “meh,” then “; ok that looks original and is readable regardless of the reader’s manufacturer(HP, IBM, Apple….), device type (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, ipod) OS (MAC OohSX.?, Windows, Chrome, Unix, Linux) or browser(Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera….)
Please excuse our “dust” — by dust I mean – a live site that isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as you….treasured reader, are used to it being.

along those lines; it is important to keep all my content up 24/7/365(6) (shutout to host sponsor: (mt)) because we get waves of readers here at the home office. For some reason; a few thousand extra of you guys stopped by yesterday, what were you all reading? perhaps one of my diatribes made it to fb, digg, pinterest or some other sm nonsense page. my analytics will get to the bottom of this (shoutout to analytic & ad-serving, legitimacy-proiding sponsor Google)

In honor of the ‘praised advertising behemoth;’ (yeah right…this just a test–period).  here is one of their approved ads – it may or may not display correctly or at all, who knows….we’re under-construction, man! *ahem* “test footer-style, multi-media-enabled-modile-friendly ad in the frame provided; thk you that is all” – t

SoCal October News Quickie-Wrap

This month: it’s Halloween time and that means scary s—.
A shocking true crime tale of yore is headed this way. seductive, graphic, horrifying, shocking and a matter of FACT the Sea Pointe Murder House will arise again with FRESH SCANDAL you KNOW you LOVE.
On that note, in entertainment news, this writer recently binge-watched “American Horror Story” seasons 1-4. The replacement of Hollywood Luimnary Jessica Lange with modern singing sensation Lada Gaga deserves its own treatment and will get one.
October also means baseball, which we normally don’t care about, but the Cubs keep winning, leaving the classless Pirates in the dust and preparing a curtain call for St. Louis as I write. Win or Lose, #dacubbies, their history, their players, their fans and their heroes will get a special inside treatment ….
Weather — it’ hot as f— can you believe this sh–? A rational report on climate change is warranted. An editorial WIP–conspiracy-theory free and based on facts ONLY; part of the SoCal Pick’s Ethical Promise. see compliance and professional standards in column two for more about how we publish, why we publish, what we do and don’t do etc…

Processing animation .js Test ….

Animation *update* unresponsive – posting src and snapshot of fully developed animation as featured image (above).

/*Random lerp circle spirals – cwelke @ SSStudios
last stable build 8/29/2015
Rendered in Java 1.8 using the Processing API which access OpenGL w/in Microsoft Windows 8.1*/
//global vars
float r = 0;
float angle = 0;
float rSteps;
float maxR;
float angleSteps;
float cirSZ;
float centerX;
float centerY;
float r1 = 0;
float angle1 = 0;
float rSteps1;
float maxR1;
float angleSteps1;
float cirSZ1;
float centerX1;
float centerY1;
void setup(){
size (840, 720);
background(#0E0517); //dk purple-k
void draw(){
int i = 0;
int maxBlasts = 0;
//warm & cool spherical sprails ~=40
while(maxBlasts < 21){
while(i < 11){
maxBlasts = 0; //layering
while(maxBlasts < 8){
i = 0;
while(i < 4){
moveAngle(); moveAngle1(); checkEdges(); i++;
} //noLoop(); }
void setRandomValues(){
rSteps = random(4, 8); maxR = random(20, 160); angleSteps = random(PI/90, PI/9);
cirSZ = random (12, 44); centerX = random(width); centerY = random(height);
rSteps1 = random(6, 12); maxR1 = random(40, 250); angleSteps1 = random(PI/36, PI/18);
cirSZ1 = random (36, 44); centerX1 = random(width); centerY1 = random(height);
void moveAngle(){
angle = angle + angleSteps;
r = r + angleSteps*rSteps; }
void moveAngle1(){angle1 = angle1 + angleSteps1;
r1 = r1 + angleSteps1*rSteps1;
void displayEllipse(){
float colorValue = map(r, 0, maxR, 0, 1);
color c = lerpColor(#FF0000, #00FF00, colorValue); fill(c); stroke(#ffffff);
float x = centerX + cos(angle)*r;
float y = centerY + sin(angle)*r;
ellipse(x, y, cirSZ, cirSZ);
void displayEllipse2(){stroke(#000000); float colorValue1 = map(r1, 0, maxR1, 0, 1);
color d = lerpColor(#6600FF, #8A2EE6, colorValue1); fill(d);
float x1 = centerX1 + cos(angle1)*r1;
float y1 = centerY1 + sin(angle1)*r1;
ellipse(x1, y1, cirSZ1, cirSZ1);
void checkEdges(){
if(r >= maxR || r1 >= maxR1)
r = 0;
r1 = 0;
angle = 0;
angle1 = 0;
void mousePressed(){
r = 0;
r1 = 0;
angle = 0;
angle1 = 0;

//apologies if formatting is bad – ill conjure this up as another convenient XML “fast-loader”
//in fact code will appear as such in future posts for convenience and as jpegs for visualization -c

More Computer Graphics Artwork rendered in Java – Spirals and Variable Crosshatching….

Square Spiral SRC. I will include two ways to view the source code (since WP doesn’t get along with formatted code all that well….)
Below, 4 snapshots posted as jpegs. (it will stay posted it it looks ok)….

At bottom, a far more practical link using my new XML/WP “do it your own way, upload and forget about it” or whatever it is I called that.
Unfortunately, these files can only appear w/in posts as links…any code is subject to all the PHP/CSS/JS hard-wired into most WP themes. I have modified this theme so heavily I could no longer tell you who wrote it. I don’t credit the original author as I only used his code as a template; this not a child-theme…this is The Socal Picayune 2015 WP Theme by Chris Welke.
My Easy/XML to WP system is brand-new …expect improvements!

The featured artwork is a far less complicated algorithm compared with previously-posted recursive “Circle Splatters” and my Recursive “Impressionist” forest I entitled “June Gloom” …still to come on this topic is a 3D fractal terrain map implemented recursively using triangles and a “random” number generator. That’s how they created a whole planet for Captain Kirk to fly over in Star Trek II. (This was the first commercial application of the Diamond-Square Algoritm” which will make sense to anyone with a general knowledge of Euclidean geometry, but put them in the lab and ask them to implement it in Java3D or OpenGL and they MAY go “shit nuts” as I initaillay did 11 years ago when it was a CSC 407 assignment. I had to take an F because I never solved it. My lab partner on the other hand, solved/implemented AND added color-coded elevation for Extra Credit.
spiral code 1spiral code2spiral code3spiral code4

Sometimes, really smart people make me feel really dumb.

Whattup Tapper7.com? Presenting a Suge Knight anecdote

Hey yo….”mic check…one, two um…twelve.”

a gif of moe from the simpsons
moe syzlack
Unlocked for faithful readers and listeners: rare Eminem track WAY old-school #NSFW: visit his site and buy his s@!T Em rocks yo!

My name is William Feynman. …I’m quite a bit like Tapper but I was born 89, not 79 like that old fogey… I look like him too, but I haven’t had any bones or joints replaced by machine parts, far less scars and I’ve never seen the inside of an institution unless you count Cleveland Hall; a dormitory made entirely of reinforced steel and concrete at The California Technical University. CTU paid the same Architectural Firm that built Wasco State Penitentiary, Susanvillle State Prison and the Federal prison located just north of San Luis Obispo called The California Men’s Colony. When Tapper lived in Yosemite Hall at The California Polytechnic State University, he cooked and delivered pizzas for the local Dominoes on Foothill Blvd. He delivered pizzas to the CO’s at the CMC a few times a week. This is a minimum-security prison …usually he left the pizzas at the front public-entrance. After he’d been delivering to the Prison for a few months a CO told him that many of the pizzas were ordered by Suge Knight.

Suge was doing time for hanging Vanilla Ice out of a third story window by his ankles…making it clear that he expected a payment-forth-with for composing, mixing and recording “Ice Ice Baby,” and scaring “Ice” so badly he went running to the LAPD . Called “Checking-In,” It is dishonorable, fool-hardly and cowardly to expect the LAPD to look after you. As if being a one-hit wonder wasn’t shameful enough, the hair gel and that whole weird-wigger-trip…now he was a narc and Suge got pinched as result. What he’d been convicted of is a federal crime, so they sent him to one of those white-collar “tennis-clubs” we assume all those Enron jerks were sent to.

I can assure; they ain’t tennis clubs, but Federal Prison, as opposed to State? Yes…they are country clubs (with guard towers and CO’s armed with shotguns and long-rifles, that is).

Some prisoners earn special work privileges, the most coveted being the garage, where inmates fix state and federal vehicles. Crown Vics and busses mostly…if you’re going to be Stuck like Chuck in Uncle Sam’s Hoosgow for a few years, a great way to pass the time is working on cars…money goes on your books for doing this. It is great exercise for the mind and body; as you car-aficionados know.

Suge worked in the garage sometimes; The CO’s and inmates who were pro or apprentice mechanics all knew Tapper. Including Suge. According to Tapper, “Suge was super mellow and cool….he always asked the CO’s to leave me at least a $20 tip.”

The first time they met, Tap handed him two large pepperoni’s w/ lots of plates, napkins and thickly stuffed with crushed red pepper and cheese packets. these can be used later on other foods and have monetary value inside the Pen because prisoners do have access to real $ in physical form. so they barter. The stack of extras he brought to show respect and deference to probably the greatest rap producer of all time; easily on the top 10 list of music producers EVER.

“Thanks man…good lookin’ out Dawg,” said Knight.

“Your welcome man,” said Tap. “You shoulda just dropped that wigger right on his dumb face.”

Knight let out a thunderous, bellowing laughter and set the pizzas atop the hood of a white Crown Vic to avoid dropping them, buckled over with laughter as he was.

“shit Dawg, you a funny muthf—ka… you all up in that Cal Poly s— huh?” You look like a smart dude.”

“You could say that, I study computer science and music..and obviously [pulling on his shirt]…deliver pizzas too.”

“You a workin’ man…that’s for-real s— Dawg.”

“I’ve been practicing how to slap and toss dough …the CMC always tips good so I cook it up special….I assume it’s for you when the order is for two larges w/ extra pepperoni. I roll it in cornflour, slap it, toss it, lay it down neat, ladle in the sauce, throw the cheese by hand, deal 40 peps to each one, then I put a thin layer of cheese on top of the peps. That’s the way I make for myself, my bro’s and VIP customers like the CMC…you like it that way?”

“I love it man. Much love…Thanks Dawg.”

“Thanks for ‘All Eyes On Me’ That’s the best rap album of all-time PERIOD. No question.”

“…yeah man it was all gravy when ‘Pac was in the mix with me…that old-school-for real..but the rules have all changed,” said Knight, looking down & tugging on his grey-drab and oil-stained jumpsuit. Then looking up; missing his friend most likely.

“No shit,” Tap replied, tugging at his own dungy/stained uniform shirt. “My oldest friend, my closest friend and first boss have all passed on since I to came to SLO…I’m sorry for your loss,” Tap said, referring to Tupac Shakur.

“It’s all bad li’l Peckerwood Pizza-Cook…”
Knight turned to his pizza and began filling his large jowels with three slices he’d stacked atop each other. Knight was clearly savoring the taste. He chewed fast as Tap put out his hand.

Suge extended his in return with an audible gulp, “It’s Saturday Dawg…don’t front ….go out and have one on us…break off a nice piece of a– tonite …for me…Pac too.”

“Loaded and laid. Tonite? I’m all about that, I’ll double-down on your bahalf …all in for 2Pac”

“Get yo money Peck’woood,” Knight crooned. “Get. Yo …muhnnnNAY!.”

A friendly CO handed Tapper $100 on his way out of the garage and back to “The Civic.” I asked him what he thought during the 1 mile drive back to the shop.

“I was thinking about how NONE of my neighbors, who were all members of The Anti-Semitic Cal Poly Christian Fellowship would not even know who Suge Knight is and that even if I told them; they would not be impressed one bit. They would hate me even more for being a fan of a black man.

Tapper is spot on, CP’s CPCF’s racism and antisemitism is well known. What is not known is whether they hate Jews or Blacks MORE -they affect as  equal-opportunity haters.

Tapper kept his word to Suge and the memory of Tupac that night by getting blasted, blunted and seriously laid. he poured out a beer that night for his friends Tony and Ray…for his former Employer…and one of the best musicians to ever walk this Earth.

-William Feyman. My email is Bill@Tapper7.com

Whattup Tapper7.com? Presenting a Suge Knight anecdote

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Tapcast Prototype….

Tapper's new podcast logo prototype
Vector graphic created using Apache Open Office Draw

So WP auto-configs the RSS syndication…still more research to do regarding the PHP code …I’m holding off on adding the iTunes URL to the /rss.php file until I know what it DOES or if I’m missing anything or adding the wrong thing…one syntax error on your PHP scripts and it tears the whole f—ing site down (you must confirm the PHP will echo the correct XML file that can be crawled by iTunes’ particular feedreader. This will take some time to figure out, I’ll publish an appropriate how-to once it’s dialed in)…so for now…it’s 1995, hop in the Chevelle with me and let’s blast some rare 90’s tracks…just a test…future episodes will feature more original content…this is mainly music…very little of my stupid voice. If you were alive in the 90s…you’ll enjoy the punk, ska, brass and drum corps I threw together.
technical specs (all open source):
Runtime environment and Developer kit:
feed-rss2.php edit and testing in Netbeans v8.0.2 IDE (JRE 1.8 & JDK v8u25)
Sun Microsystems …uh….I mean “ORACLE”…. yeah….
Audacity v2.0
FFmpeg_win v2.2.2
Vector Graphics:
Apache OOv4.1.1 -app: Draw
Artists featured:
The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
The Toasters
Social Distortion

Social DIstortion
Drum Corps????? you’ll just have to give ‘er a listen to see which closer I picked to cap this cavalcade of music goodness. Oh! and happy New Year.

Tapcast Prototype….

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Adverts.js test -or- How to fix truncated Javascript in WP.

A picture of the www.goto.com logo

Subtitle: How to fix a WP crash remotely using FTP.

synban: script keeeps truncating right half of .js embedded content. **Update 12/14 – fixed.**
***Update Dec. 2014*** PHP Flush did the trick…thx Cuz.***

Start by dumping that theme you love so much: bad news…like me you had a few OCD breaks w/ reality and overdid the CSS/JS/HTML4-5 editing to “pretty it up” it’s ok I did it too

1. Choose a new and dressed-down theme.
2. Crack a book on CSS or goto the only free tutorial sponsored by the w3c: and use their CSS Roadmap.
3. Backup your WP data, I suggest an FTP client. You may need to contact your host-server for admin and file-swapNswitch capabilities.
4. Backup your current themes/fxns/data and style before you tear it up. One pHp syntax error and it’s CURTAINS-then you WILL need FTP to get it back up n runnin’
5. If you are not qualified; have your kid do it.

***I owe it to my sponsors to make sure they have access to all of Google’s std lib. of adTypes, so you’ll see mostly ads in this post. This is only a test but the sponsor data displayed is no less relevant.****

***Update Dec. 2014 – 728px exceeds width oftext box. WIP***
Sponsor .js test Horizontal Basic 728×90 follows:
**UPDATE**  dec2014a : 728×90 no good for posts, footer/header only. Ad removed.

Btw after all that shit Content ID put me through for no reason?
May as well fire back:
If you know how to use t0awr@ntz…script:
Xsh%>run \t ^^^^^
Xsh%>browser “HYPTXXfercntrlPrtcll// the(Yarrrrrr!!!!)DOTessee”
Xsh%>inject pr0n.getName || flick.getName || whatevuhz
Xsh%>hash etz string[]* argvector V
DO: Raise middle finger in the direction of your choice.

Synchronous Advertisement Test 320×100 follows:

Asynchronous Advertisement Test 320×100 follows: 
**TEST TBC…** Special shoutout to our generous and well-respected advertisers….check ’em out…they were designed FOR you WHEN you visit MY site. The algorithm was written by Goto.com a decade ago, still in use and as close to an AI (Artificially Intelligent) program I have seen to date. GoTo retired on the settlement $ w/ Google. Plz scope out their site; I used it quite often in college.

Credit where credit is due: visit GoTo for searches and to find a nice gift for loved one.goto.com is Tapper7 approved safe, secure, honest and NOT a scam – just legit and hyper-talented webdevs.