fb compatibility test….

as we cycle through the changes to style and funtion; dear reader; I wanted to share with you an editorial I piced together in the immediate aftermath of the tragedies in Paris. I snapped 15-odd shots from around social media to show how quickly/disturbingly hateful invective against Muslims was growing. Read more…

By Chris Welke, ago

SoCal October News Quickie-Wrap

This month: it’s Halloween time and that means scary s—. A shocking true crime tale of yore is headed this way. seductive, graphic, horrifying, shocking and a matter of FACT the Sea Pointe Murder House will arise again with FRESH SCANDAL you KNOW you LOVE. On that note, in entertainment Read more…

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Tapcast Prototype….

Vector graphic created using Apache Open Office Draw So WP auto-configs the RSS syndication…still more research to do regarding the PHP code …I’m holding off on adding the iTunes URL to the /rss.php file until I know what it DOES or if I’m missing anything or adding the wrong thing…one Read more…

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Mambo! (in the key of cadet blue)

Let’s see if we can post a little music … Since I’m IN this recording I don’t think this is copyright infringement…I take that back it probably is…Only one way to find out! The Kingsmen Alumni Corps, Live at the DCI World Championships director: Gary Kean arr: Mike Duffy soloists: Read more…

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