Testing WP 4.7.4

When you sneak away to your favorite site, do you have any idea what happens when, say, you googled “Cal Poly” and my site cane up? Here’s a primer; and it helps us test that the update can at least, …. well…. update. Most of the info contained herein will Read more…

By Chris Welke, ago
Apple Computer Products

MyEmojiBio ….

By GA production artist Gwen Carrington….the following is a biography of this writer in Emoji-only form. Not bad. Write one about someone else…. do you know enough to hit the highlights of their life via symbology ( Here’s my life through someone else’s perspective using emojis as pallete…..

By Chris Welke, ago

Processing Javascript test ….

//shoots red green & blue lasers from bottom of fram to top //or surface-to-air Star Wars anti-Communist anti-satellite //laser defense sys emulator in 2d //inspired by TRW Research (active per local eyewitness 10/17/16 //IP Tapper@ssstudios LA,CA //global vars int bluelxpos = 38; int bluelypos = 398; int laserwidth = 6; Read more…

By Chris Welke, ago