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Dateline – Silicon Valley – and THE WORLD….
To Friends, associates and beloved readers….plz update Java (v1.8u42) when you get a chance….again this is the time when d—–bags will try to get you to update through bogus sites like java32 or 64 or x86 (whatever they are called I will not link to them) Most of you use Chrome which disables most of the security flaws in Java BUT NOT ALL OF THEM. When you have time-update safely: goto java.com
My YT account was compromised YESTERDAY (*sigh again….some “security expert” I am, right?) anyway I changed my Google pswd again I recommend you do the same and find a way to peruse YT WITHOUT logging in, I know this can be annoying but there is another sh—y piece of JavaScript flying around YouTube right now – update 42 should kill it, which is prob. why the good programmers at Java (nee ORACLE) busted out this security update this morning.
As stated in my privacy policy…see the help section of your respective browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, …for 95 percent of you) if you wish to disable Java entirely while online. Your user experience will be lowered, sites will load faster, have far less functionality but they WILL be a bit more secure. I recommend getting the update. I posted it above plus links to all Java tools are available [for free] in Column Two of The SoCal Picayune.
That is all – plz update when you have time and as always – get back to work and stop reading my site AT WORK. At least keep the window small (NOT FULL SCREEN) and if you you work in a cubicle farm and DON’T share a cubicle with Ops and MKTG Directors (as I have) just get one of those stick-on rear-view mirrors …you can get ’em at TrueValue Hardware. (TrueValue is an official Tapper-approved Legit business).
Much love; thx for all the support and RT’s on Twitter …all that s—. Love you guys. -t
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On Changing Majors at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Part II….

Subtitle> Cal Poly SLO News Archive Part IX: Risk, success, failure, the shame of defeat and the honey-dewed nectar of Victory:

Here is the form you will fill out in the Admin Building if you Dean doesn’t have you declared 5150, If he or she does, after you 72 hour hold, should you decide to STILL change majors; well…bring a black or blue pen get ready to throw out about 100 units…I did. It sucked, It was absurdly hard, but I did it—it IS possible yet I don’t wish it on my worst enemy.

CP delta major spoof

Part II of this? Or is it 3? If Nothing else this is Cal Poly SLO News Archive/Historical/Spoof material. Enjoy.

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thx for your continued patronage…and for those about to smoke, “We SALUTE YOU!”
-t []

Fallout from the Cox Service Van Explosion Part One ….

front shot on fmr. crispins in am. clean and well lit.

In the confusion that ensued as WWIII went up and off all around me, A cop car barrelled through my rare, collectible, fast-as-f— Townie Electra. I love that bike, when that cop nailed it, sending it endover-end, things got pretty “heated” to say the least. In all their were miscommunications on both sides so although I went ahead and filed Case # 15-073858 against the OCSD and the careless officer…I don’t blame him.


I’ve chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt…it looks like some Turtle Wax and a little elbow grease will get the scratches out….it’s just a bummer cuz as of this time 24 hours ago, the Townie had ZERO SCRATCHES.

I also respect that man-to-man, he apologized and accepted responsibility…that’s all we really need to do when the s— goes down; keep your word, admit when you’re wrong and take some f—ing responsibility for your actions.

That…and a little integrity, perseverance, tradition and honor will see us through if and when WWIII really DOES break out. (Or some alternate Armageddon B-movie script event – Meteors, Nuclear Winter, California Sinking, Flesh-eating Zombies, Ebola Zaire, 1984, Brave New World, Bladerunner, Total Recall, AI…you get the idea).

Stay tuned for Fallout Part II…with a comment about the above topics in the video commentary.

Thanks for the crazy bump in traffic over the past few weeks. I can’t do it w/o you, dear reader. Much Love, Tap. []

Zona’s, March Madness (picks!) and important YouToober updates….

a night shot of la luna

Before I go down to the only bar left in North SC…I ought to provide the information and updates due to my beloved readers. Whenever I go out locally…I am flooded with questions about the property that used to be Zona’s…a constantly failing and money-hemorrhaging Italian restaurant/bar which [as predicted]…is no more as of recently. This was mainly a bummer; not for me, or for the management who could’ve done 100 things to keep that joint on life-support for another quarter or two. It was a bummer for the brilliant chef, outstanding bar captain and bartender who worked there.
Hell…they even could’ve turned a profit if MGMT had been less obsessed with Web Security an more interested in Web Marketing.
Marketing period for that matter. The Captain is the best in the city by a wide margin, as is the cook. The barkeep is a youngster who worked his way up from washing dishes in the period of about one yr. We respect that around here, we respect all of them. What we do not respect is mismanagement, careless management, failure to MKT. and opportunities not taken…”nothing ventured nothing gained,” …yes this is cliche’ and a violation of AP style, but it is so apropos I must include it …think about that for a moment in your own life…then read the rest of my nonsense….

For some reason everyone thinks I have some sort of inside knowledge of what goes on at all these local businesses ….the truth is that I DO. How and why I have this knowledge is none of anyone’s concern but my own. Still I divulge facts here on this site and in person.
If you are reading this you are a regular reader so you are aware that:

  • I do not dispel rumor.
  • This is NOT a conspiracy theory-related site nor is this writer a conspiracy theorist
  • This writer is a reporter/investigator/commentator who abides by an ethical code

Fact: Zona’s was liquidated recently because they were, as stated, hemorrhaging $.
Fact: A “family business” showed interest in turning the property into a “family oriented restaurant.”
Fact: That deal fell through.
Fact: Salespersons working for the owner of the property were showing it daily to potential buyers, renters and leasers.
Fact: This sign was posted to the front door a few nights ago (click the image to rotate & read):
I haven’t dialed the number yet but you can read it clearly. I WILL be calling that number if the sign is still posted and making an inquiry on behalf of the people of south OC who want to know. That’s one of the things I do. You know that … which leads me to the next part of the discussion.

March Madness.

There are two teams which interest me and I will discuss the teams and games briefly…for detail…goto ESPN.com like everyone else, you know how to use a Web browser.

    I just want to give my take, make a few picks and move on.


  • Team one. The Kansas State University at Wichita. I like this team because they blew out Big K (not Kentucky…Kansas and it’s weird bird thing) “Shockers” have something to do with corn as the logo and mascot imply (in Kansas; EVERYTHING has SOMETHING to do with CORN; one look at the State in person will tell you that)… to the West Coast, “The Shocker” is a half-joke sexual move…”Two in the pink and one in the stink,” or… “Two in the Mound; One in the Brown,” get it stupid? You can make up your own and yell them out tonight as The Shockers take on The Catholic Church…I mean #3 seed Notre Dame at 4:20 Western Time. Pictured: two “Shockers” The standard (as quoted above and the advanced version):shockerv3shockerv3adv pic seen at left is a “reverse shocker” – pro’s only.


In The Big Dance…there exists one and only one Cinderella Story: The University of California at Los Angeles; commonly known as UCLA. This writer will be rooting for them when they take on #2 seeded Gonzaga. UCLA entered the tourney as an 11-seed, barely making it past SMU or SMC or whatever you call them on a goal-tend call that pretty much pissed everyone off. In classic all-class fashion, the Cinderella team proved they deserved to be there by trashing the University of Alabama (not the “Crimson Tide”-Birmingham….yes Birmingham…let’s not get OT). by vente puntos maricohn…or by “20 points, bitch!!!” UCLA is the lowest seeded team still at The Dance. I root for them because my family has close ties; in fact my father, grandfather and myself all attended classes AND served UCLA in one form or another throughout our careers…again I don’t want to get to OT. So…


  • North Carolina is going to the Final Four
  • The Shockers by 3.5 tonite
  • Xavier to upset AZ by 2.5 but lose to NC by 6.5 (as above)
  • UCLA takes out Gonzaga in the final minutes by 1.5
  • UCLA v. Duke..tossup with Duke a HEAVY favorite; what will become of Cinderella? IDK
  • OK will create destruction and slide into the Final Four no problemo
  • Shockers to lose to BIG K (Kentucky) by 6.5
  • K still my pick to win it all

I got a notification on my new-fangled LG3 that two YT channels I subscribe to made important updates; this is not the best work I’ve seen from these artists; but overall they are the s#!t and get plug-love nonetheless. Check out other episodes and uploads from these artists and stations…some are found elsewhere on THIS site. you will never be disappointed by Mondo Media or MelodySheep:

I would have added “half-man’s” best quote from the Battle of Blackwater: “Those are Hard Men outside our walls…Let’s go kill them!”

Go “Youklah!”-Tap

*Our featured image today is one of  full moon taken with my LG3 camera-phone err…phone-camera-mp3player…thingy. I just think it came out looking cool-randomly. It has nothing other than minor artistic relevancy; none to the post itself. Apologies.

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NOTE ALSO: *sigh* like PHP….JS has a tendency to decay over time. Take the time out to review your code if ads are starting to get weird. I was able to get a NEW responsive/asynchrounous AD to serve (seen above) in 5 minutes by copy/paste THEN removing all the spaces the code generator inserted needlessly.
I had thought this was a result of Advertisers NOT queued up to serve themselves on my site (ie…perhaps I’m not THAT in-demand and it will take a day or two. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE) I cannot say who they are per Google’s Ad Policy and my own Ethical Code…but FOUR COMPANIES were lined up to serve ads on my site (good/legit advertisers though…check them out…)and being denied due to spaces, too many spaces, not enough spaces or missing semi-colons in the code. Kinda brings me back to Computer Science 101. It’s always a god-damn missing semi-colon isn’t it? Thanks Google but you guys REALLY suck sometimes. Pay me s#!t AND make me look stupid….NICE right.
//end rant/notes

Rough draft of 1996 VK Judges tape is ONLINE! (finally!)….

I’ll be cleaning this up A LOT….but here’s a draft for ya’….check out Antii Karvonen (Solo Soprano) and moi (Lead in Small Ens. Swing to end of opener) during “The Jetsons,” ….to quote Antii, “Damn [We’re] Smooth.” This corps unfortunately did NOT peak at Finals…so Stillwater was as good a show as any we did that year. The GE judge certainly enjoyed it, but…whatever-we blew the ROOF of that joint; crowd went s#!t nuts and that’s all that matters. More pics and info about this historic recording coming soon. Credit to 1996 Soprano Plug and 2015 Legit Pro percussionist Chuck Lopez for rescuing this Gem:

I’ll add some anecdotes about the “issues” that preceded the show where we srsly took the Stadium in Stillwatwer DOWN at some point in the near future. We had to FOLLOW The Madison Scouts that night…. That’s right, FOLLLOW “A Drum Corps Fan’s Dream, Part Dos” on THEIR TURF. Good Lord that was one Bad-Ass show…A Mis Abuelos? Fugettaboutit…. (One of the tour buses broke down; hence VK closed the show—f—ing GUMBY*)


CVHS Pride. “Capo Yo!”

SoCal Billy Bad Asses!

West is Best.

Nostalgia See-tay!….eh…this is only a rough draft test…enjoy…speaking of Nostalgia City, while working on getting that old tape published on YT & FB for my associate…I’m listening to this rockin recording we made back in 96…then I note that one you treasured readers posted a link to a sick band – Die Antwoord – that’s Afrikans & OR South African-en for “The Answer.” Their breakout hit Umshini Wam – “Bring me my machine gun” was shown to me ages ago…by another treasured friend …one who’s ALIVE and NOT IN JAIL…but we just don’t live all that close anymore…ANYWAY the 1st time I saw it I found it  “f—ing sweet” – it has a rad beat, the blonde chick and the dude are seriously tight rappers and the visuals are original, absurd.
I dug it right away; scope it out: Looking back there are several touching moments….
Let it be known that Tapper misses having a cool chick to hang out with.
…and I got a new bike: OC Craigslist STEAL OF THE YEAR THUS FAR. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo F—ing Bomb.

…I’ll be Back soon kids…. here’s an ad for you, I hope it doesn’t suck. Plz tell me if my ads ever suck I’m ’bout to go back and start banning advertisers again. I saw a few cruddy ones recently whatever u get my drift ….advertisement:
*The Gumby was the Rookie Bus….I rode on the Schmee-the Hornline Vet Bus…No drummers, no rooks..even though I was one, due to my being 1st “chair” Baritone/Upper Lead Bar… 1st part in our award-winning I&E Mixed Ensemble and my solo/small ensemble (2 Barry’s + 2 Flugels) in the swing section of The Jetson’s….I powered through some serious bulls— from the vis staff and stepped up my marching game to rival my chops—it garnered a grip of respect…with that came regular beatings. Only the old school drum corps guys can understand why being talented or even “good” also leads to getting your @$$ thrashed on a semi-regular basis. Meh. It got me ready for what was to come. Made me harder than steel-reinforced concrete. There’s something about learning how to take multiple/repeated shots to the kisser, breadbox and/or balls that only makes a young man tough…+the ladies like it too. —Going back to high school and dating the girl the quarterback dreams about? AS A BAND GEEK? What can I say? I HAD NO COMPLAINTS JR. YR! HaHa!…BD/SCV/VK Vets in Mission Viejo in the 90s…we showed our respective football teams and other “popular” kids how business got DONE. ———->Dedicated to those who inspired and accomplished same: Brian Kettlehut, Jon Goldman, Sean Billings, Antii Karvonen and Travis Larson + many others. I can only pray today that at some high school…somewhere…as it was at MVHS and CVHS…it’s the guy who marches drum corps dating the prom queen/hottest chick in school…while the star quarterback/runinng back’s GF is characterized as “frumpy.” []

PS-RIP Ray Arias (Euphonium) and Jen Lee (Color Guard) …my girl and my boy. Miss youse guyz much. Love, Tapper.