Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Tapper….a winning combo….

a .wmv frame of Tapper

So I haven’t posted SHIT worth watching in over two years…you kinda need a computer that can record sound a video, edit, compress, export, publish etc. et al.

I remixed an old track I found on a SUPER-RARE album: Paul Cacia – Portrait. Cacia is a generation ahead of me….I was in his band in 97-98…this is one of my favorite arrangements we played, but I could do w/o the ballad, so I mixed a track about a month ago in Audacity.

Then my recording device got jacked by some —-. current laptop is still going thru the process of taking a VERY LONG SHIT will end badly…the Acer Aspire 2009 model has a fucked registry, self-replicating adware…and hardware (circuit) decay.

Now I can spend my time CREATING and DESIGNING, not fixing and patching and restoring….fuck THAT noise …I got podcast to start and stories to write.

For fun I used some new tools to make a lil VCAST… just me, f-ing with iTunes, Audacity, a laptop, Cyberlink, a pair of sticks, a webcam and some basic tools to cut something worth checking out on YouTube….this is a 1st try with about 4 pieces of hardware, 6 pieces of software and improving with my dumb face and voice…ill tell u what…if you like to listen to rare jazz with screamin brass that fucking rocks….you’ll enjoy the vid.

This first one is on behalf of the Woodpile with respect to the Northsiders, SouthSiders, Border Boys y La Raza…Dispensa la Tierra…Tapper’s Firme Musica.

A frame featuring Tapper from his new vcast s1e0
Another frame from the dumb video I made

Top 2 projects…

1. editorial for The California Register on Cal Poly SLO and the community that surrounds it….the cash they covet and ultimately the evil they condone.
it took 20years…but they SIMPLY could not hide forever.
2. Podcast hit another speedbump…thx to that really cool ex-gf who stole it…you uh…REALLY ok w/ stealing from a crippled, unemployed man you claimed to love? Who you made the 1st move on?…all an elaborate setup or too much shard? It’s OC so she gets the benefit of the doubt on my “YOU ARE A TWEAKER BITCH AND YOU TOOK MY $500 handheld recorder/mixer/player and prob. got 1 shot of smack didn’t you….was it worth it? A man’s 100s of hours of wk and hard cash…so u can suck a glss d— for 10 minutes? *ahem* forgive dear reader but this is one of those I-have two important steps for her:

  • 1. Get AIDs
  • 2. Die

(she even accused me of it coincidentally…I get blood-tested frequently due to bein 30 percent mechanical…id have faked a panic and said….oh…crap….rem when I did that thing…inside you…by accident? …..yeah, you might wanna get that checked out cuz my t-cell count would’ve made Arthur Ashe breathe a sigh of relief….oh me?
YEP-FBA Bitch!!! (Full-Blown-AIDs) to u non OnA Pests.—she had my wallet and $40 too. f— the 40 I wanted that DVR back. que sera sera ….whatever will get aids will get aids. Podcast to drop as soon as I replace the device OR get it back.

updates also to drop asap on these projects and other awfulness as we approach the Hhhhhh-h-hh–h-h-h—h–h–hHOLIDAYS!!!!!!!! Gagh! *couch* hack, belch [vomiting noises]…sorry just not fun w/o my special lady or my best friend. Not no more.

Youtube’s Content ID threatens Tapper’s Memorial Music Video….

I never thought this was a threat. I thought was POSSIBLE but it seems to be happening…for all the wrong reasons though…..

Ill just say what happened then below there will be a lot of processing of ideas, memories, most good. accented by moments, days or years of grief. It comes back when I lose a piece of that past. Like pictures, stories. I cannot replace my eulogy of my Dominique, which I did in a way she would have wanted – combining my musical talent with performance experience, sound recording and editing, from college, with what she taught me about shooting and editing video.

I can’t ever explain to anyone how much I still love her….my memory get’s worse. At the same time every record I have is constantly chipped away at. The final 8 seconds of my lament was “Matched Content” to something visual...it won’t just be you who can’t see it, or me who won’t be able to share that two minutes and two seconds of human emotion with you….I’ll lose it too! here is no backup …the laptop was stolen about two moths after I uploaded the .wmv file.

GIVE IT BACK TO ME! Or MONETIZE IT AND TAKE AALLLL OF THE AD REVENUE (this was done on my youtube vids looooooong before this website was approved to RUN ADs.) I don’t get paid NOR WOULD I IF I DID. 38 people have watched it all the way through it besides me sice I posted it…it’s probably 38 people who care about me. It’s sad enough that my least relevant ramblings on this site are worth more than an art project I spent six weeks on. It isn’t enough for me to give my artwork away for free? A third party wants to take it?

I normally argue “Fair use” and explicity state it on this site to protect the content and it’s availability…There’s about 100 copyrighted chunks of text I have left dangling unedited because I have not the time to clean it up but I need it available to interest to the public until i do…. 3rd party man…you can’t flag my original work for shit —THAT’s what you flagged! 8 seconds of ONE of MY TWO MUSIC VIDEOS!!!

Readers please —-visit my memorial page for Dominique….It’s at the TOP of the right column on this page. The video may get pulled soon. It expresses my feelings better than my words could ever do. The text is my best attempt at an epitaph…had I written one, it’s a poor excuse I know…better keep priorities where they belong. there are a few anecdotes and In my not-normal fashion I link and recommend her blog, explain how you can help her family and I also link and recommend her step-mom’s blog. Despite my bias it REALLY IS a good blog. I wouldn’t trash it either if I didn’t like it…I just wouldn’t mention it at all. Dominique’s stepmom is 1 on myshortlist of 5 blogs I’ve located of any redeeming quality whatsoever. I tthink I have spent at leats 2 minutes on over 4000 blogs this year. The page will stay up. The video may not play.


1. This is not the fault of Google.com

2. Code running on their property Youtube.com that is called CONTENT ID is making mistakes. Harmful ones.  Please review TCP/IP Protocols HTTP, HTTPS and w3c, Standards. I’d would also Like to see if either client or server is ISO 9001 certified. My assumption is that YOUTUBE IS compliant, and will take no action against my youtube account or that post that my production residing there being threatened by a 3rd party

3. The 3rd party is located in Germany. I don’t trust Germany. Germany’s like….the worst country to have ever existed. ever. -not “Nazi’s” …Nazis. 

my intitial rxn follows (posted to a technical site that was relevant and active on this subject):avail: http://waxy.org/2012/03/youtube_bypasses_the_dmca/index.shtml

never thought this would be an issue…

My fiance’ passed away after a cancer relapse and part of dealing with it (which was not possible nor is it) was to make a music video that was original and self-published EVERY FRAME and EVERY SOUNDWAVE could not possibly be matched to a content ID submission. But the sound is irrelevant in this case, the last 8 seconds of VIDEO was claimed…it’s a short, three-panel-slide that says…
1. For ****her name****(only her first name due to my vast awareness of media law including privacy and copyright)
2. Rest in Peace My Love
3. fin

UFEA (????) made a claim on that 8 seconds of 3 strings with a gray background and blue left-border I made using the “windows media creator studio” I had at that time.

UFEA is like a european soccer league! wtf?
I’m the arranger, performer, recording engineer, I filmed MYSELF, I carefully edited it and it took me months to make it perfect I posted it to youtube for archive reasons and lucky I did cuz that laptop was jacked 2 months later. that was over 2.5 yrs ago…

Some soccer league can have my last words to the love of my life if I can have the 1:44 of audio and film back. My artwork (that one most of all) …I put there for safe-keeping. My youtube account isn’t monetized…I have no cameras or mics right now but my site is …BY GOOGLE…the policy says they aren’t responsible “UFEA” (???) is…I’m at loss but to rescue the audio and see if it’s possible to rescue the video. b4 it gets pulled. I disputed as soon as I read it was red-flagged…I know the law – I break laws sure – but not media laws im a musician/writer it’s my goddamn job! Thanks to the author of this page for highlighting something I WISH I HAD KNOWN yesterday. (The 1st two blogs were shams as usual)
Regards ..etc etc…

Legally AT BEST if you review the entire composition I Could be compelled to run ADS on it….I would at least get it back.

It isn’t the music btw! I will post the text of the warning here too. It’s visual content….the cast majority of the content is MUSIC. I tastefully edited the content match my feelings so I can remember them. Content ID found an issue with a fixed camera that is shooting me playing a farewell ballad to my lost love..my closet and lamp are in the background….I’m in the foreground. (For about an eighth of a second) Then three animated pages of text will scroll….“For Dominique” “Rest in Peace my Love” ….fin. 

In 2012 I transcribed a melody from “The Love Theme” (Dances with Wolves) by John Barry. from transcription to developing the melody into a solo, all the practice I put in– 30 or 40 takes …agonizing over the sound and video editing….

When my partner/best-friend/love-of-my life passed on in 2012… I kind of lost it. No I DID LOSE IT. I worked for months to create a very special music video for Dominique….something to remember her by. The day after we met, she came over and was asking me a lot of questions about who I was…and what I liked….about my hopes and dreams—so I told her about “Drum Corps” I told her about VK and SCV and the Renegades….unlike most non-drum-corps hacks she was interested I showed her the picture of 97 Santa Clara at DCI I had posted to my wall.

Then she asked if I would play for her. (Almost no-one outside my corps-circles pseudo-expert musician circles EVER asks me to play).

I picked my 1991 Kanstul 3v Baritone Bugle in G(w/ tune-any-note slide, VK stamp on the bell and original Jack Meehan all-purpose tuning system marks on it!)  and said “sure I’d love to.”

Normally I’d play a quick warm-up and then just improv…but I really wanted her to like me and my horn and the the combination of the two. I have a library of licks to pull out for any occasion…I’ve been a big fan of “Dont Cry for Me Argentina,” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Evita” I liked it when there were TV commercials for the show as li’l guy and I liked 1981 Santa Clara equally well. It’s my favorite song of all time…she was my favorite person of all time …It was as true when we first met as it is …closing on three years since she passed on.   *whew*…..

So that’s what I played. She liked the my sound…more than I thought she would. She was interested by it. she liked the sound. She liked me . It was 1 of 1000 reasons to fall for her immediately. She listened to drum corps music with me… it wasn’t forced on her the way i normally impress it on new friends “if you want to get to know me you have to listen to this….” No. Dominique WANTED to hear corps music. She listened to 91-97 BD. 86 BD, 89 BD…all 81 SCV, 84 SCV 87-92, My yesr – 97. 95 Madison. 96 Rockford. 89 Star. 93 Star + my accompanied commentary on each. She deserves a medal for sitting through that.

Her nickname for me was “Drum Corps Guy,” “you’ll always be Drum Corps Guy,” she said. She usually called me Christopher. I like that. I like being “Drum Corps Guy.”  We met in August of 2009. Half of the last 5 years…she’s been gone. Three months after my best friend Rich Skare died, Dominique died too. It’s still impossible to comprehend that kind of loss. I definately blanked out several months from Jan 2012 to about mid-July.

“Drum Corps Guy” was still around then though…he even bought a nice camera and a laptop for recording “Drum Corps Guy stuff”…

I started putting together a solo arrangement of “The Love Theme,” from “Dances with Wolves,” by John Barry. I always tear up during the flute solo….same as I tear up during the oboe solo in “The Love Theme,” from Braveheart. I was very slow in transcription as usual …but it’s in G (concert D). There’s several octave and majot 7th intervals. It took me longer to get throught it w/ a noticeable frack than it did to write it.

This was not meant for my repertoire of “licks” though… it was going to be a multi-level creative project to record my feelings at that time. I combined my ear training, brass technique, sound-editing skills from college and filming/editing education from Dominique…to put them all together and make something. For her. There were at least six weeks between putting pencil to paper and my final cut of “The Love Theme v2.wmv” arr. cwelke. In the end I recorded about 40 takes….maybe more. I spliced the best cut of 1 section with my best take the last (lest I did 100 or 1000 takes…) the audio is seamless…the video “ghosts” a little bit…but it fits my purposes.

I spent a great deal of time in post production on 2 minutes and 3 seconds of music and video…I layered in a sepia tone and learned how to max-out audacity’s ability to clean up the track. I used a default program that came with my laptop called “windows media maker” (or something like that) I have neither the knowledge or $ for Final Cut….same goes for Audition.

In all the finished product was good. I was happy with it. It caputures my feelings from that time…It made me feel good to watch AND listen to something I’d worked a long time on I felt better if nothing more than it distracted from sadness…when I was missing Dominique really badly…I pick up my horn and play my new arr. of The Love Theme, or Don’t Cry For Me Argetina, Clowns or You’ll Never Walk Alone…outside of drum corps, I like to play “I Remember Clifford,” with Lee Morgan’s version in mind….. “A Time for Love,” feat. Bill Watrous* or if I can’t play there’s lot’s of songs in my vocal range that are passable, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” -The Band, “Dead Fowers” -Townes Zandt. “Melissa” -Greg Allman…..

That’s all for now…There is a web-tool i mentioned on this site I’ll be using to recover my track from National Socialism and return to America where it was created and belongs. “Fucking Gremans man!! Fucking nazi’s….nothing ever chamges.”-Walter..The Big Lebowski, Dir. by The Coen Bros.

//extra material the Departed and the transcription process

Dominique was a published film critic. Everything I ACTUALLY know about writing for the screen is from her. She was equally interested in my music critique’ as I was in her film critique’ (and all the writing we did….)…

I have “reletative pitch” that means if I’m actively playing I can hear a note before I play it so I do not frack. I can also tell if I’m over 5 cents sharp or flat. Nut if you hit a random key on the piano and say “what note is that?”  I can’t tell you without testing. Likewise with no instrument if you say “sing an Eb”… It’d take me minute to remember a concert C…then I can sing the 5th, then the third….then picture the triad going minor and give you an Eb….in other words, I can sing/play in-tune  w/ precision and I have a framework in my head links notes and some chords in my memory….I wish I had perfect pitch but I don’t. Transcribing a solo is a slow process for me…w/o a chord chart I cannot transcribe in > 3 part harmony (even that is REALLY PUSHING IT)

I CAN ARRANGE so long as I have the chords written down, or tabs or whatever. Fortunatly a G Bugle makes the key of C, D, E, F, F#, G A and B very accessible and much of the old-school corps-classics are in major and minor forms structured on these keys.

My arr. of “Don’t Cry for me” is in of B (Emaj for Concert instruments)

My arr. of “The Love Theme v2” is (mostly) in G (Dmaj for “CI”) I added accidentals and grace notes, changed the tempo volume and added personal emotion that can only come from in a musician is a specific instance . It cannot be reproduced even electronically w/o losing significant fidelity. The original recording is is as close as I or anyone else can ever get.

I am again rendered speechless. fuck. me. this is such bullshit 12 hours on THIS ALONE. Not even close to finished with work I must do ASAP.

Audiomack …music and content upgrade?

It's a bit neefy

Hope it’s a good way to feature new music….let’s test some code. This song uses dre beats which automatically makes a song REALLY GOOD. Fantastic.

[audiomack src=”http://www.audiomack.com/song/mjb-1/daft-punk-forgot-about-dre-mjb-remix”]

If you don’t know that much about music, here is a tutorial by Oliver Age 24




Is music “dead”?

I am getting fairly tired of this argument. It mostly comes from older people…the interjection frequently “Nobody has done anything good since the 70s!!! *grumble grumble…* MUSIC IS DEAD!”

That’s total bullshit, countless amazing singer/songwriter/composers are making their next brilliant chart as I write this and you chug coffee…scratch that, if you live in the Western Hemispere you should be in bed, sleeping or doing drugs at this hour.

I could pin 100s of tracks going back to 1980, Starting with “Everybody  Wants Some,” by Van Halen, but this post would take weeks were it comprehensive. We will examine just a few tracks that are both recent and posted to Youtube so you can listen for yourself w/o leaving this page.

Some of you know that this writer has been a brass musician since 5th grade – 1987. Got my first professional gig when I was 16. Despite my ages of experience, I am not nor will I ever be a COMPOSER…. an extremely technical skill and ridiculously creative and artistic craft…the best among them become social and historical icons: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Louis Armstrong, Gershwin, Bernstein, Bartok, Miles Davis, Coltrane, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Hendrix, etc.

Great composers still walk the earth O uneducated music critic, you just need to know where to look. For you bitter old dudes …did you watch “The Pacific” on HBO? Did you like the music? Oh you did, ok that’s Hans Zimmer, probably the foremost score writer of late (I personally love the main theme from “Inception”). I am floored by his talent.

You can’t mention the top composers today without Thoman Newman (not the dorky “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” guy with the goofy voice), Newman writes mostly film scores..here’s just a few notables:

000 Erin Brockovich Steven Soderbergh Universal Pictures First collaboration with Steven Soderbergh
Soundtrack released by Sony Classical
Pay It Forward Mimi Leder Warner Bros. Pictures Soundtrack released by Varèse Sarabande
2001 In the Bedroom Todd Field Miramax Films Soundtrack released by Varèse Sarabande
2002 The Salton Sea D. J. Caruso Warner Bros. Pictures Soundtrack released by Varèse Sarabande
Road to Perdition Sam Mendes DreamWorks Pictures
Twentieth Century Fox
Second collaboration with Sam Mendes
Soundtrack released by Decca Records
White Oleander Peter Kosminsky Warner Bros. Pictures Soundtrack released by Varèse Sarabande

DAMN good music…all made even more magical by Newman’s stunning mind for putting sight, feeling and emotion into the kind of charts that DON’t bother me when they get stuck in my head. The soundtrack to “Road to Perdition” is one of my favorite albums of all time, period.

TV? Yeah ..uhhh…Newman did the Title track and other scoring for “Six Feet Under” one of my favorite shows. He mostly writes for film studios. You may note that nothing is listed since 2002. Is HE dead? No, I just cut the list drastically and by coincidence my favorite scores of his all came out around the same time. Newman is constantly composing. He has contracts for FIVE upcoming films between now and 2016 that I know of. So no, he is probably sitting at the piano right now with ledger paper strewn about and w/ Audition and Protools open on the nearby computer.

So what about pop music, are the complainers simply saying that “my local top 40 station sucks”? Well…it DOES  SUCK and so does MOST of the music, but not all, lets take a look some smash hits and you, dear reader decide if pop (popular) music is dead. The following songs prove that powerful, rockin’, catchy, bad-ass, fun, thoughtful composers are active all of them qualify as pop so take a listen and if you find no heart, creativity or quality in these tracks (and the visual production…to my viz design/cg friends) then we will agree to disagree:

This track JUST DROPPED, so i think it makes a good example of what the music industry is producing, the beat was licensed from a hit trance chart from the 90s called “Better Off Alone” and features an A-list rapper plus the artist himself is virally popular, especially since “Titanium” came out in 2012, one of the best electronica tracks EVER. NO QUESTION. Creative, driving, moving…and an anthem to me since 30 percent of my skeleton is now titanium rods, screws, brackets, pins and bars…it also came out during a VERY DARK chapter in this writer’s life, not to be spoken of today, but check it out and decide for yourself:

btw – if you liked it—>music is not dead. nor is pop.

Moving on, I wish I still had a Lexis-Nexis account so I could link to an great article from the LA Times showing that pop music today has on average MORE COMPLEXITY than that of the pop of the 60s and 70s and they used “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen as an example. She is  a powerful singer, super cute and I love the original, but the video is mostly her, fawning over her neighbor as he mows the lawn shirtless. In total it may be little too gay for some readers (the joke at the end of the video is that the mower really IS gay…too much man flesh for this blog),  I prefer Dave Days’ cover and find the video far less awkward:

This track also helped bring me out of a deep funk. Had nothing to do with women or relationships, it was just such an upbeat, catchy tune with awesome syncopation. It makes me smile. (btw-composition is .said to increase in complexity of structure over time, my fellow musical performance colleagues may think I’m reffering to chord progression and meter…though this one is in G the chord changes do not take a standard form (pretty close though) and are quite original for a pop song, but that is another advanced topic for another time. This is complexity of FORM…like an abstraction of a chart the composers construct. They are frequently quite simple…yet you could be a legit pro performer for 50 years and would never need to know about it – this is a composition topic…i only study it because the good journalist knows “a little bit about everything.” Most pop songs that are 2-3mins follow this pattern – ABABABABB (which can be reduced logically to just ABAB) – that is the gold standard and means verse, chorus four times and repeat chorus at the end). “Call Me Maybe” follows this form but has additional elements like  vamp, bridge break and soli….making far more complex than the majority of pop in the past. More evidence of the health and well-being of [some] popular music. If all music were losing complexity —-> then it would no longer evolve, hence, it would be dying. Fortunately for all music fans I can confidently say that music is in active evolution.

Next example: from the artist that inspired one of the most legendary hashtags of all time… #katyperrysboobs …”nice rack” aside, look at her from the Grammy Awards, is there any way in which she doesn’t define class, elegance, beauty, sex appeal and artisty? Be still my “Tapping” heart!


This track is straight up bad-ass. It’s not only a nice groove, the video is outstanding and Perry makes the same statement that Scorsese did in “Casino” –that Las Vegas is built for one thing: to take your money. A valueble lesson packed into a f—— sexy package. I respect Vegas, but truth be told…won’t gamble there unless I literally have money to burn. If I am there on a job, a pool tournament, a business meeting, gig or audition…you WILL find me at The Monte Carlo cuz I like it and cuz I have dropped enough cash there that 2 night stays are comped now…but NOT on the floor or the buffet—even the buffet is a rip-off…food is shit. Free time I would spend hunting for the cheapest Surf N Turf Buffet, a show and “people-watching” on the strip. NEXT! …

Not only a ridiculously creative rap lyric and outstanding blend of motifs…it also makes a statement about how fucked the economy is through humor.  I’m “poppin’ tags” too yo! Even when I have tons of money, you gotta swing by your local thrift once a month, I have bought almost all my suits there…ok so it belonged to a dead guy, but if I’m wearin Brioni or Armani you got some Men’s Wearhouse deal goin on? You payed over a hundo for something pedestrian, I payed 10 bucks for one of the best suits in the world! I just had to dry clean it to remove old-man-smell…”so shut the fuck about it!

Ok, we’ve covered this decade and the last, so for now, let’s wrap with one from the good old days…the 90s…great economy, money all over the place…ol’ Bill is chillin’ in the White House gettin blown by a fatty…who gives a fuck, right? For me that’s been by far the best decade in almost all categories…’specially music; it’s quality, innovations, entertainment value…you never thought you’d feel nostalgic for the decade that also brought us Vanilla Ice, Iraq: Episode One and Pauly Shore, but now you do don’t you stupid!

If you don’t feel the raw emotion in this song…if you find nothing about it’s soulful tones moving…find NO REDEEMING VALUE WHATSOEVER in this one…shit brother…idk what to do for ya’ …I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree about if/when music died.

Going off Don Mclean’s lyric from “American Pie” in 1959, it is said that there was a “day the music died.” — he was referring to 2/3/59 when The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash. By having this statement in a piece of original MUSIC…proves McLean was not making the crotchety old argument “music [rock] is dead now,” —it was tribute to losing three men who stood on the vanguard of popular music and to emphasize the tragedy of losing all three of them simultaneously.

Well I guess next time some old-timer starts up with this line of crap I’ll just say, “Dude, in what way is music dead?” No…. “If that’s true, then disconnect your car radio, toss your stereo equipment, uninstall iTunes…and if you have an iPod, you can fork it over to me..for …what do you say…5 bucks? I’d give you more but otherwise you gotta toss it right?”

For the record: Music is positively bursting with life.