Contract Chris Welke for 90 days cost/risk/obligation free and get $2500 tax credit….

Thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and The California Department of Rehabilitation. (DOR), the multi-faceted professional services of Chris Welke are available at no cost to your company, in fact, the state will slice two-and-a-half G's off your taxes too. If you are not aware, Welke was severely injured in an accident Nov. 2012. An Infinity Q45 doing 45mph did not see Welke as he crossed Camino De Los Mares in a crosswalk, pulverizing his right leg, smashing out seven teeth, breaking his jaw in three places, slicing his cheek and slitting his throat. Despite the critical injury and years of surgery, Welke identifies as "disabled" in the legal sense only. He does not collect SSI. He works small contract jobs and the state wishes to reward him and any company willing to take him on for a no-risk trial. The state will pay an hourly (up to $15/hr and 40hrs/wk) plus all benefits. Over $100,000 was spent to fully restore his face, neck, jaw and teeth, paid for by Welke himself. The leg is in the millions, priceless really.... it is one-of-a-kind, the cost courtesy of his genius orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ken Wilkins and generous grants from The Federal Government of The United States of America. Welke has no brain damage.... other than kind of a "Sgt. Barnes," look, you'd have no way to tell an accident ever happened unless you asked and he was willing to tell you. When the 90 days are up, your company can hire Mr. Welke or send him back to the State...we think you'll want to keep him though. ¬†Contact the DOR through the link provided or the Orange County office... (714) 662-6030 2002 East McFadden Avenue , Suite 100 Santa Ana, CA 92705-4767 ....for more info or this Web site. Happy New Year. Services listed:View Chris Welke's profile on LinkedIn (more…)

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