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Who is Chris Welke?
—Chris Welke is a 38 year old writer and editor of all things multi-media. He has experience and education in various fields including:
Professional Brass Performance (Major instruments: Trombone, Baritone Horn in Bb, Concert Euphonium in Bb, Baritone Bugle in G, Euphonium Bugle in G)
He is an Amateur/Hobbyist percussionist. (all horn players secretly are).
Professional Consultant and Clinician for music ensembles of all types and skill levels.
Professional Manufacturing and Automation/Assembly line operator, specifically the planning, machine maintenance, Quality Control, Expediting, Logistics, scheduling, software and workflows required by the FDA and certified cGMPs to package and label Dietary Supplements. Includes experience with BellaTrx and NJM/CLI counting systems and various automated in-line systems for metal detection, dessicant/cotton insertion, capping systems/tightening systems, safety seal systems (magnetic induction of inner seal and heat shrink wrapping for outer seals), inline dual-function labelers that apply lot#/exp date and affix label, automated box taping and printing applicable SKU, Product Code, Lot#/exp date units per box/and type of unit (T, C or SG).
—Process design, improvement, machine setup, changeover, cleaning, documentation, management, CPI, KPI and QC from components to finished goods.
—Exp. with 5 different systems scaled from batch sizes of 12 to 20,000, comprising 100s of machines. 1000s of electrical, optical and pneumatic components.
—Exp and education enables Welke to train Spanish-only speakers. Welke is not fully conversational but can communicate effectively for business, developing trust and building loyalty in OTJ ESL.
—Exp. in Manufacturing Operations Management.
—SixSigma Green Belt Equivalency (OTJ)
—MBA Equivalency (OTJ)
Services include:
—Private Investigations and Security.
—Research in any subject.
—B.S. Degree in Broadcast Journalism, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, minors in Computer Science and Math. Class of ’04
Manufacturing Compliance per FDA Guidelines and cGMP.
Web Authoring Compliance: w3c
Engineering Compliance: IEEE
Content, prose and reporting compliance: SPJ
Chris Welke has lived in the following cities:
CA: San Clemente, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Buena Park, Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Campbell, Santa Clara.
FL: St Pete Beach (an island adjacent to Tampa Bay, close to St. Petersburg – he was on this island when Hurricane Katrina hit….he has been “hit” by many things but always seems to get back up).
Chris Welke has worked for the following private/for profit companies, corporations, franchises and organizations: Starbucks, Dominoes Pizza, UPS, Entree Express, Clear Channel, ExpressAir, The Mustang Daily, KVEC AM 920, MedPro Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, Strategic Staffing, Metagenics, Inc.
Chris Welke has worked for the following Non-profits and Government Organizations: The Velvet Knights Drum & Bugle Corps, The Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps, The Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps, The Kingsmen Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps, The Kingsmen Senior Drum & Bugle Corps, The Cal Poly Computer Science Department, The Cal Poly College of Engineering, The Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts, The Cal Poly Journalism Dept., KCPR 91.3 FM, The State of California, The Federal Government of The United States of America.
Job Titles: Barista, Delivery Driver, Cook, CSR, Software Requirements Project Manager, Technical Support Group(Internal), Reporter, News Director, Radio Personality, 2nd Baritone, 2nd Trombone, Lead Trombone & Soloist, Upper-Lead Baritone & Soloist, Brass Technician, Marching & Music Technician, Music Consultant, House Painter, Materials Mixer and Mover, Process Server, Private Investigator, Packaging Operator, Packaging Lead, Level II Packaging Lead, QC Tech, QA Tester, QA/QC Tech, Manufacturing Operations Assistant Manager, Label Routing Coordinator, Operations Software Tester, Designer, Implementer and Trainer, Software Migration Specialist. SharePoint Database Developer, Access Database Developer, Private Label Expediter, Technical Writer, Technical Editor, Web Editor, Web Designer, Copy Editor, Supervising Editor, Sr. Proofreader.
Unofficial Expertise: Criminal Law, Pain Management, Counselor, Psychologist, Rolfing, Private Security, Viral Marketing, Cringe Humor, Analysis, Model Dependent Reality Theory, Modeling reality in five dimensions, sleight-of-hand, Physics Lectures for people lacking requisite mathematical knowledge (a la Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye), Political Strategy, OnA Pest, Conscious Life Theory. Transhumanism and reverse-antisemitism.

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