Trump campaign dead on the runway….

July 20, 2016 Chris Welke 0

Despite what you may have heard, now is a pretty good time to be Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, we heard hordes of retarded people in Cleveland chant “lock her up” and making jokes and vague promises to actually put her in jail. Likely very few of the chanters have ever had their freedom taken away, if they had, they would understand that jail and prison is NOT Funny and Not a joke, but this is Trump supporters, whom veteran [clicky clicky!…]

Musescore arrangements on YouTube? Ok I’ll bite ….

May 26, 2016 Chris Welke 0

When I first posted my initial “transcription-arrangement” (The famous Soprano Solo from 1991 by the inimitable Larry Shane posted for bugle in G and trumpet in Bb- though imitate they did…anyone with an earthworm shooter *ahem*) There was an option to “create a YouTube video” and post it there. The procedure was buggy and did not work (at least on my end) NOW Musescore added a link that claims to generate a YT vid, simply by allowing the [clicky clicky!…]

Let’s play…I mean…create a prototype ’13’ deck aka Korean Poker!

December 28, 2015 Chris Welke 0

If you are like me you played this addictive game at lunch, on the bus, during class…whatever you played it constantly because it’s seriously fun and a great way to pass the time. At Capo Valley, we loved this game because it was winnable even if you were dealt a shitty hand, the game encouraged a great deal of shit-talking and merriment. We’d also enhanced it with “insult rules” such as, while dealing, you throw a few of [clicky clicky!…]

From static frames to animation – JavaScript, Java & Processing; coding Art ….

August 31, 2015 Chris Welke 0

As part of my research, I endeavored to build a frame and tile it – evenly…as you would a column in a upscale restaurant, or as Billy-Buster tiled his lesser-known below-ground pool in the hilltop paradise above San Simeon. Drawing squares, keeping track of their quantity, position and spacing proved unweildy. So back to the drawing board I turned. The first task was to completely fill a window with squares, evenly spaced, uniformed – no holes. My first [clicky clicky!…]

Processing animation .js Test ….

August 25, 2015 Chris Welke 0

Animation *update* unresponsive – posting src and snapshot of fully developed animation as featured image (above). /*Random lerp circle spirals – cwelke @ SSStudios last stable build 8/29/2015 Rendered in Java 1.8 using the Processing API which access OpenGL w/in Microsoft Windows 8.1*/ //global vars float r = 0; float angle = 0; float rSteps; float maxR; float angleSteps; float cirSZ; float centerX; float centerY; float r1 = 0; float angle1 = 0; float rSteps1; float maxR1; float [clicky clicky!…]

The Binary Power Series and Java 1.8 ….

May 15, 2015 Chris Welke 0

Series follow a specific pattern and obey explicit, ineffable rules, like prime numbers…. 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23…. Or a times-table such as 9…. 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90, 99. You get the idea, right? (I hope so or you’ll find this post incredibly boring). Computers store information in bits. A bit is one memory cell that is known by the CPU to be TRUE or FALSE, one or zero. [clicky clicky!…]

Rough draft of 1996 VK Judges tape is ONLINE! (finally!)….

March 18, 2015 Chris Welke 0

I’ll be cleaning this up A LOT….but here’s a draft for ya’….check out Antii Karvonen (Solo Soprano) and moi (Lead in Small Ens. Swing to end of opener) during “The Jetsons,” ….to quote Antii, “Damn [We’re] Smooth.” This corps unfortunately did NOT peak at Finals…so Stillwater was as good a show as any we did that year. The GE judge certainly enjoyed it, but…whatever-we blew the ROOF of that joint; crowd went s#!t nuts and that’s all that [clicky clicky!…]

The California Register *Special Edition* drops….

January 16, 2015 Chris Welke 0

….and this writer is responsible for a great deal of the content. If you did not receive a copy of the edition in your mail or PO Box today…I published a PDF of the prototype below so you can enjoy my words as much as I enjoyed writing them. A full copy of the paper in finalized “ATP” as-is form should be avail. to me soon. This is not EXACTLY what was printed, but now that it’s out [clicky clicky!…]

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo News Archive Part 1 – Recovering hidden scandals….

September 20, 2014 Chris Welke 0

This quiet, sleepy little section of the Central Coast lives in a tenuous balance between the upper-middle class families who own property and the majority: the long-term and transient college students that are a nuisance and a necessity. Many national news stories originate or happen here. Like all good PR Firms, City Government and the prestigious Cuesta College in association with Cal Poly (whose administrative talent, cash and credit can compartmentalize conflicts, bury secrets deep and naturally maintain [clicky clicky!…]

SLOPD, FBI excavating for human remains at Cal Poly….

September 8, 2016 Chris Welke 0

****for immediate release**** Dateline just above the Muir Dormitory, CPSLO–Three independent cadaver dogs signaled near the Poly “P” …. Part of a longstanding search for Kristin Smart, missing since 1996. The backhoes are at it. The SoCal Pic prays they find something or someone…even if it is not Smart. Keep it tuned here or check out our associated publication The California Register for more….

Due Diligence for readers – new ad categories allowed per Google optimization suggestions ….

September 5, 2016 Chris Welke 0

As you may know, we here at the Pick deny advertisers from Google’s ad-universe for a variety of reasons– Ads for any product or service that is a scam or appears “scammy” (certain online universities, too-good-to-be-true and the like …) Ads containing visually unappetizing imagery or text (pictures of foot fungus, or weight-loss “comparisons” or “shaming” pix = image of a grossly obese & scantily clad person, yech!) Organizations that interfere with the publisher’s morals or ethics (stalker [clicky clicky!…]

Canton’s secret weapon; Dean Westman; the brass-performance miracle worker—a savant ….a genius music teacher if there ever was one….

August 1, 2016 Chris Welke 0

Checking scores of late (not that they matter!) we see that BC is a hair in front of BD, with Crown’s tribute to 93 Star down about a point-and-a-half. Santa Clara, Garfield and Rosemont round out the top six (w/ the recent-rise of BC/CC we see that Boston, Rockford & Crossmen are out of the top6 – this writer doesn’t see enough time left for significant place-changes, time is short on re-writing shows (but they will! Drill & [clicky clicky!…]

Style and Code is under construction + Advertiser Audit is in process….

July 22, 2016 Chris Welke 0

please note that this site may look strange until I have time to tear up the code and test it. in the short-term we wanted all multimedia files to be accessible; in my efforts to customize the footer.php file, the site became deprecated and robbed me of my ability to post certain content, especially music. I noted a bit of renewed interest in the 2007 Kingsmen Alumni Corps, of which I recently located a rare recording, so I [clicky clicky!…]

A rough (and heavily exaggerated) Yelp! review posted here instead for now ….

July 9, 2016 Chris Welke 0

Called to make inquiry regarding poss. gold investment. ‘Frank’ at first put me on hold…no problem. He gets back to me a minute later and I proceed to give him 15, maybe 20 seconds of background explaining what kind of business I wanted to do and why, but before I could ask any questions he said he had “like three other calls” and “could I hold again?’ ok. the third time I started to explain that I wanted [clicky clicky!…]

An extremely rushed podcast to commemorate Madison’s visit to SoCal pt. 1 ….

July 1, 2016 Chris Welke 0

Tapper guides us through some rare, old school cuts of everyone’s favorite (OK, in everyone’s top5…lower if you leave out the corps you are/were involved in) – One of two all-male corps left in the Division 1 class – THE MADISON SCOUTS. Comment and the usual bs underlies the choice music cuts; as rushed products get rushed results, We apologize if the sound quality isnt as clear as I usually strive for. We have to upload these casts [clicky clicky!…]

Reverse pen-test or ‘Privacy Policy–under the hood’

June 30, 2016 Chris Welke 0

Test Get user info and display. This post will grab your external (real IP addy) and display it below. I do not collect this data per my privacy policy but I am trying to reverse engineer the script that yanks out this data. As a for instance, I can store the IP and write something along the lines of Open //in address bar type: http://yourIP print data to screen This could wreak all sorts of havoc. This [clicky clicky!…]

John Williams TapCast wrap s2 ep3 pt 2 …..

June 11, 2016 Bill Feynman 0

WP throws an exception if we try to upload any audio over 20 mgs, ….we tried to trim it but 21.5mg was as small as a standalone episode could get. So we uploaded the 1st 17 mins as “part 1” and the rest of the crap as “part 2” I had to add another v/o to explain the pt2-thing so ok f-u WordPress, f-u Apple, f-u MSOFT, f-u ffmpeg, f-u libmp3lame and most of all f-u “donny” “Trumpf” [clicky clicky!…]

Finally! TapCast season 2 episode 3 is luh-luh-Live…..

June 11, 2016 Bill Feynman 1

Tapper had a few technical difficulties due to a froggy voice and the “ghost in the machine” kept deleting wraps and tracks. Hence the ‘cast is improvised; all the mistakes are left in (‘ummmm’ uhhh…’nerrrr…..) there are a few moments of dead air and the Tap goes OT during a legal discussion – threatening a local band that consistently steals his arrangements. The ‘cast is bookended by Madison & Garfield (1995 & 1996-best productions) and pt. 1 of [clicky clicky!…]

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